Antipsychotics Damage the Brain

by | Oct 1, 2012

Since nineteen ninety-three, children using antipsychotics has increased a whopping eight hundred percent.  In teens, it has increased five hundred percent and one hundred percent in adults.  These statistics are certainly cause for concern, but even more staggering is the fact that seventy-five percent of these people have brain damage caused by these drugs.  Let’s look at the facts behind this catastrophe to get the full picture.
Antipsychotics used to be prescribed primarily for the “mental disorder” called schizophrenia.  Since there is no schizophrenia epidemic, then what is the explanation to account for the increased use of antipsychotics?  The answer is that today antipsychotics are approved by the FDA for treatment of bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorder.   They are also being readily prescribed off-label for ADHD which means they are not FDA approved, but can be prescribed as a doctor sees fit.  The number of diagnoses for these three “disorders” has exploded over the past few decades, thus accounting for the increased use of antipsychotics.   
Now that we see why so many children and adults are on antipsychotics, it must be explained why we are giving drugs to people resulting in widespread brain damage.  Psychiatrists will tell you that schizophrenia is a “brain disease.”  They will actually tell you that schizophrenia itself will shrink the brain but they don’t have any proof.  They claim that ADHD means that you have a “chemical imbalance” in your brain but they have no proof of that either.  They pretty much broadcast to the entire world that all “mental disorders” stem from defects in the brain, but to date they have no test or scientific evidence to prove it.  
The truth is that with no science to back up their claims, something must be invented such as “brain disease” or “chemical imbalance” to make themselves sound like “experts” on the mind.  Psychiatrists will actually show you pictures of defective brain images to “prove” that their drugs are needed to handle this “problem.”  However, they have it backwards on purpose because these pictures are actually of brains that have been treated with antipsychotics.
Let’s look at some real scientific studies.  Researchers found that from a pool of two hundred eleven patients, the longer a patient was on an antipsychotic, the more the brain shrank.  The more antipsychotics they were given (larger doses), the more the brain shrank.  The degree of substance abuse and severity of condition had nothing to do with the test results, but the brain damage is worse than those two put together.
In another study, a certain type of monkey was given antipsychotics.  Of course monkeys do not have any mind problems so the study reflects only the physiological effect.  Again, the results showed a reduction of volume of brain matter.  Just like a smoker’s lung shrivels up and looks like tar, the toxicity of antipsychotics overwhelm the brain and make it smaller and reduce cognitive function over time.  
It’s not as if the antipsychotics work like a miracle drug to cure a condition and cause brain damage in the process.  They don’t cure anything.  In a study of one hundred forty-five patients diagnosed with schizophrenia,
those not taking antipsychotics were more likely to recover.  In this study, after fifteen years, sixty-five percent that were still on the drugs continued to battle their condition, whereas only twenty-eight percent were dealing with their condition without any drugs.
Instead of a cure or an improvement, antipsychotics only offer horrible side effects.  First is being much more likely to die prematurely, which would probably be welcomed, considering the chance of getting Tardive Dyskinesia is a distinct possibility.  This is a condition where you experience involuntary movements which are irreversible and uncontrollable.  They are known as tics.   They can be so bad that it has been described as being tortured from the inside out.  Since the brain and body movements are interconnected, this condition is a profound indicator of permanent brain damage.
Brain damage is not limited to antipsychotics either.  Antidepressants also cause brain damage.  In a study done over ten years ago, within four days of taking drugs like Prozac and Zoloft, brain cells shriveled up or took on abnormal corkscrew shapes.  The data indicates that in an effort to make the serotonin levels “correct,” the flow of oxygen to the brain is reduced in the process.   Psychiatrists will tell you that depression is caused by low levels of serotonin in the brain, but again they have no science to back up that claim.
Psychiatrists claim that antipsychotics are effective and safe, but based on the above information, their claims are as solid as a house of cards.  In the mean time, more and more drugs such as Abilify, Zyprexa and Seroquel appear on the market and are heavily advertised as the answer to your mental health needs.  This just means more opportunities for more brain damage beyond the more than six million children already on antipsychotics.  Even worse, children are being medicated at earlier ages every year.
We do not need a future of brain damaged adults that are disabled and robbed of their full potential because of psychiatric drugs taken during childhood.  Children should not be given such mind-altering drugs when their developing brains are more susceptible to damage than adults.  We need a future generation that is able, intelligent and productive, not one that is disabled and costly to society. 
It would be wise to do your own research so you can make an informed decision.  Don’t go for the “brain disease” theory, but look for the real physical cause and non-drug treatments.  The future of our children depends on it.


  1. Alexandra Pritts

    this is exactly what happened to me.I went to a duel diagnosis rehab for opiate addiction. I spent 5 minutes with their psychiatrist and he diagnosed me bipolar.which I thought was strange since I was 45 yrs old. I was in a weak state and they give you surveys to do that make you realize you were bipolar after all these years .I was on serequel for 12 yrs.Doctors ignoring me saying i don.t think I’m bipolar upped the dose. I got worse in every way developed td aned that made me think I was turning into a weirdo because of my mental condition.I felt i was losing the good parts of me and I had lost my strong spiritual connection’finally my latest doctor told me the medicine I was taking was causing all my problems took me off the drugs and said it was sad that this happened to me. I’m slowly returning into myself. I still have td and I had been an athletic,strong intelligent leader. Now I’m so damaged 12 yrs taken from me.I’d like to sue the doctor, need a support group. what can I do.

    • Maty

      Sue them, I support you.

  2. RobJonesII

    What about recovering from schizophrenia without meds is it safe is it possible what im on is called trilafon or perphenazine is ibogane safe?

    • CCHR

      “Researchers believe that a significant number of people diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder may actually have a treatable immune system condition. A new research study could have a significant impact on the millions diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, including many homeless.”

  3. May

    Forgot to say that I have been on Seroquel at ever increasing doses for 10years

  4. May

    I have horrible symptoms losing my ability to speak or do anything. Only pacing up and down with akathisia. Was told that I have extreme brain atrophy and frontotemporal dementia

  5. Liz Pekkala

    Awaiting response. MrI in may shows frontal lobe shrinkage. Intellect intact. Horrific symptoms in brain.

  6. Liz Pekkala

    I was given xyprexa for 1 week off label for mild anxiety. Definitely not psychotic in any way ever. This was 3 years ago. Since then, increasing brain hissing and balance issues. Frightening and worse daily. Left message for psychiatrist and she will not return my call.

    • Marilyn

      Have you checked about meniers disease? You are describing symptoms of this…


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