Abuse of Florida Involuntary Commitment Law – Baker Act

by | Apr 27, 2015

Personal Story of One Person’s Nightmare! Please Watch.

Abuse of the Florida involuntary commitment law-the Baker Act- is rampant and what is consistent with each case of abuse, is a misunderstanding, by those who initiate the commitment, as to what the law states for the criteria. Other cases of Baker Act abuse are the medical professional’s inability to recognize adverse reactions to the psychiatric drugs and/or street drugs. If a person is on an antipsychotic drug and shows up at the Emergency Room after not sleeping for several days and appears confused and delusional, it is the physician’s duty to recognize the adverse effect, listed by the FDA on the package insert for that anti-psychotic, of insomnia. Similarly, if an individual has abused street drugs and is exhibiting the side effects of those drugs, it is a simple matter of utilizing the tools of medicine to detect the drug in the person’s system.

There may be individuals who present themselves as a potential harm to themselves and/or others and who do meet the criteria for the Baker Act, and in keeping with the law, will be involuntarily committed. Unfortunately for many, they were never a real threat to themselves or others and hereafter will have a “mental health history” of commitment. If an individual did not meet the criteria and this can be documented, it is an abuse of the Florida involuntary commitment law-the Baker Act.

This video presents the story of a young man who was forcibly given mental health drugs, involuntarily committed and arrested. His brother stayed by his side every step of the way to find out what caused the young man’s erratic behavior and what would remedy the situation and prevent future Baker Act incidents.

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