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Serious Side Effects of ObamaCare

The June 26 Huffpost Politics article, A Depressing Story You Need to Read, takes a deeper look into the workings of Obamacare — and finds some unfortunate consequences. The proclaimed benefits to the taxpayer are not so great, while the drug industry becomes...
The truth about Psychiatric drugs

Feds make more arrests in major Medicare fraud case

A widening federal investigation into a Miami-based company accused of Medicare fraud netted the arrest of several doctors along with more than a dozen other defendants.   BY JAY WEAVER February 15, 2011     A trio of doctors altered the diagnoses and...
The truth about Psychiatric drugs

2011 Starts Off With More Stories On Top Prescribers

The investigation initially focused on a Miami psychiatrist who wrote $43 Million worth of prescriptions from 2004-2009.  It was calculated that psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil wrote an average of 153 prescriptions a day for 18 months ending in March 2009. On...