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ADHD and Pesticides

What Are We Doing to Children Termed “Learning Disabled?”

Imagine if Kim’s parents hadn’t found a different school for her. Would she still be a “learning disabled” high school student today, struggling with her studies? How many kids out there are doing just that because they don’t have the opportunity to go to another school?

ADHD and Pesticides

The Modern “Medication Generation” –Learned to Say Yes To Drugs

Today, 4 million children begin their school day by taking a small yellow pill, Ritalin, to control their hyperactivity. Since 1990, there has been a 700% increase in the use of the stimulant. And more than 2.5 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were written for pre-schoolers and adolescents.

ADHD and Pesticides

Alternative Mental Health is the Only Logical Answer

It’s time to look at how your physical health affects your mind. Historically, if you had any “mental illness” type symptoms, you were either deemed crazy, sent to a shrink, locked up or all three. But where are those “mental” symptoms coming from? Is it logical to think that they randomly appear out of nowhere? Of course not. It is logical that the human body can develop a physical ailment or deficiency which could be detrimental to your mental well-being.

ADHD and Pesticides

Mass Shootings Call For More Education

This past weekend there was a mass shooting in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Six people plus the shooter were killed. A few weeks earlier, James Holmes shot and killed twelve people and wounded fifty-eight others in a movie theater in Colorado. Five years ago the deadliest mass shooting of all occurred at Virginia Tech, where thirty-two people were killed and many others were injured. And finally, no one has forgotten the shooting that occurred at Columbine over ten years ago.