Psychotropic Drugs – Lobotomies In a Pill

by | Jun 24, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince the introduction of Thorazine in 1954 psychiatry and drug companies have rolled out a never ending stream of psychotropic drugs to replace the dramatic surgical procedures known as lobotomies. These so-called psychotropic medications have been called “chemical lobotomies” and proven to be just that.
But what is a lobotomy?
In the 1930’s neurologists got the idea that mental health could be improved by psychosurgery. Antonio Egas Moniz in Portugal and Gottlieb Burckhardt in Switzerland experimented with drilling holes in a patient’s skulls and injecting pure alcohol to destroy brain tissue thus adjusting mental conditions.
Psychiatrist Walter Freeman working in the US invented a quicker and more profitable method and named it the lobotomy.
Freeman believed that an overload of emotions led to mental illness and “that cutting certain nerves in the brain could eliminate excess emotion and stabilize a personality.”
His technique went like this – “As those who watched the procedure described it, a patient would be rendered unconscious by electroshock. Freeman would then take a sharp ice pick-like instrument, insert it above the patient’s eyeball through the orbit of the eye, into the frontal lobes of the brain, moving the instrument back and forth. Then he would do the same thing on the other side of the face.”
Freeman toured the country’s mental hospitals with great media attention and performed about 2,500 lobotomies in his career, once performing the operation on 25 women in a single day. Something like 40,000 to 50,000 lobotomies were done in the United States in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.
The Soviet Union banned the surgery in 1950, arguing that it was “contrary to the principles of humanity.” Other countries, including Germany and Japan, banned it, too, but lobotomies continued to be performed on a limited scale in the United States, Britain, Scandinavia and several western European countries well into the 1980’s.
Freeman eventually lost his license when one of his patients came back for her third lobotomy. Freeman did the surgery and severed a blood vessel in her brain. Three days later she died. The hospital then revoked Freeman’s surgical privileges and he went into retirement, soon to die of cancer.
In 2005 National Public Radio did a show featuring Howard Dully a man who had been lobotomized at the age of 12 by Walter Freeman.
Dully said, “If you saw me you’d never know I’d had a lobotomy. The only thing you’d notice is that I’m very tall and weigh about 350 pounds. But I’ve always felt different — wondered if something’s missing from my soul. I have no memory of the operation, and never had the courage to ask my family about it. So two years ago I set out on a journey to learn everything I could about my lobotomy.”
The radio program uncovered Freeman’s notes and files on the case and helped to reveal what happened to Howard Dully and why it was done.
Howard Dully’s mother had died of cancer when he was 5. Dully says, “My stepmother hated me. I never understood why, but it was clear she’d do anything to get rid of me.”
Freeman wrote in his notes that the step-mother feared Howard and called him defiant and savage, stating that the 12 year old boy …”Doesn’t react either to love or to punishment. He objects to going to bed but then sleeps well. He does a good deal of daydreaming and when asked about it he says ‘I don’t know.’ He turns the room’s lights on when there is broad sunlight outside. He hates to wash.”
Sounds like good reason for a lobotomy!
Sure enough, Freeman then writes on Nov. 30, 1960, “Mrs. Dully came in for a talk about Howard. Things have gotten much worse and she can barely endure it. I explained to Mrs. Dully that the family should consider the possibility of changing Howard’s personality by means of transorbital lobotomy.”
Two and a half weeks after the boy’s lobotomy, Freeman wrote: “I told Howard what I’d done to him… and he took it without a quiver. He sits quietly, grinning most of the time and offering nothing.”
Howard Dully says that when his step-mother realized the operation “didn’t turn me into a vegetable, she got me out of the house. I was made a ward of the state.”
But isn’t this just ancient psychiatric treatment history and longer in use?
Unfortunately, it is not. The truth is that the use of psychotropic drugs has greatly expanded the number of such victims by replacing the messy physical lobotomies with tidier chemical lobotomies.
From the start psychiatrists knew what antipsychotic drugs were doing.
The two pioneers of Thorazine, Delay and Deniker, said about small doses of the drug in 1952:  “Sitting or lying, the patient is motionless in his bed, often pale and with eyelids lowered. He remains silent most of the time. If he is questioned, he answers slowly and deliberately in a monotonous and indifferent voice; he expresses himself in a few words and becomes silent”.
A 1950 textbook described the “lobotomylike” impact of Thorazine, and in 1958, Noyes and Kolb summarized in Modern Clinical Psychiatry“If the patient responds well to the drug, he develops and attitude of indifference both to his surroundings and to his symptoms”.
In other words the drugs didn’t remove the symptoms – they just dulled the patient’s awareness and interest in them and left them in apathy.
Whether done by surgery or a psychotropic drug there is a disruption in the functioning of the frontal lobes that results in the same effect – a greatly reduced person with loss of memory and a reduction of awareness of self and the environment. Hence, the common description of these victims as “vegetables” – a body with very little mind or personality left.
“The blunting of conscious motivation, and the inability to solve problems under the influence of chlorpromazine (Thorazine) resembles nothing so much as the effects of frontal lobotomy. . . Research has suggested that lobotomies and chemicals like chlorpromazine may cause their effects in the same way, by disrupting the activity of the neurochemical, dopamine. At any rate, a psychiatrist would be hard put to distinguish a lobotomized patient from one treated with chlorpromazine.” – Peter Sterling, neuroanatomist, article Psychiatry’s Drug Addiction, New Republic magazine (March 3, 1979)
Kids today are given antipsychotics to change their hyperactive or defiant behavior. The reason they quiet down is that antipsychotics act on the frontal lobe of the brain – exact same area effected by a surgical lobotomy.
Dr. Peter Breggin, who publicly decries the use of antipsychotics in children, has this to say: “We have a national catastrophe. This is a situation where we have ruined the brains of millions of children…These are lobotomizing drugs. Of course, they will reduce all behavior, including irritability.”
Gone are family or spiritual counseling – a pill is quicker.
Yet, dozens of scientific studies with animals and human autopsies demonstrate conclusively that actual shrinkage of the brain is caused by these drugs. Medical science knows this but the public is kept in the dark about it. These neuroleptics and antidepressants frequently make people look and act apathetic, zombie-like as if they’ve been lobotomized — even at moderate or low doses.
The reality of what it’s like to experience a chemical lobotomy is best described in the word of patients who have suffered through treatment with these drugs.

  1. “I was diagnosed bipolar at 18 – my psychiatrist prescribed me Seroquel, (an antipsychotic) I took Seroquel for four months in the dose she recommended. At first it rendered me completely devoid of personality, energy and interest in people/anything. I was a zombie. Luckily I began to develop a tolerance about a month in and it didn’t have quite as stifling negative affects, but still made me lethargic and apathetic. I also continually had terrifying nightmares and became anorexic.To this day this drug disgusts me. It is used to sedate lunatics and shut people up just like they used to when the mentally ill were socially ostracized. The best way to describe this drug is a chemical lobotomy.”

2.  “I was a very, very, very passionate person prior to Celexa.(an SSRI) I was passionate about everything, my marriage, my job, my country. I couldn’t hear our national anthem without stopping and feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. 14 years in the Army National guard, I was very into my career with them too. I was passionate about running, about my relationship with (and this will probably sound wierd) my dog. I miss all of these things. I hope they all come back to me. They were very much the bricks in the foundation of my life and I feel like they are gone. When I say I want the old me back, I mean the person who was passionate, the person who loved and was loved. The driven person who saw what he wanted and went out and got it. That was all taken from me with the introduction of Celexa in my life. I just want it back.”
3. “I’ve been in an extremely peculiar state for the past 8 months after stopping Wellbutrin/buproprion (an Antidepressant). I have literally lost everything inside of me and no longer have a sense of “inner being”. My personality has been completely erased, along with the inner psyche I’ve spent a lifetime building. When I attempt to “look inside”, it is impossible because there is literally nothing there. Everything that made up my specific sense of personal being is gone, including my hopes, fears, dreams, goals, opinions, values, morals, likes/dislikes, and most strikingly, all emotions and feelings.
I have no feelings associated with past events, and no emotional connections with      anything in the world. Specific emotions that defined my personal sense of being are no longer there. People, places, things and events that I thought were etched in my soul as having significance no longer mean a thing. Absolutely nothing, I can’t stress this enough.
I am unable to look backward or forward, have no sense of past accomplishments and no desire for future ones. The strangest thing is, I cannot feel anything toward being in this state, as that part of me is gone too. It’s like a recursive erasure of everything I ever was, am, and will be.
It doesn’t feel like life is a conscious experience that I am having anymore, as there is no inner construct within me to absorb an experience on any level. I see, hear, touch, and smell, yet each of these is so devoid of emotional content that they don’t coalesce into anything meaningful I can call a human consciousness. My sense of being has been replaced by a constant void of nothingness that is unchanging, 24/7, I feel nothing towards the nothingness. It is not like feeling empty inside, there is no inside to feel empty within.
4. “I tell you, I never had a problem before Celexa. I just want to be back to me. I want to no longer be the pitiful creature it made me. I want to be me. The old me. I want myself back. Life isn’t worth living with this new person holding my thoughts and feelings hostage. I have been off Celexa since last year. I JUST WANT ME BACK. These are bad for our brains, they change our personalities. I want my life back, and don’t want even my worst enemy to experience what I have been through. These people have no love for their fellow man. ..”Depression hurts”,said the commercial, I never knew depression till after Celexa. I have been through hell, therefore hell exists.”
5. “What I don’t understand is how a drug could completely erase me as a human being. What I’m experiencing is not depression but a permanent change in my consciousness that literally destroyed my humanity. All the parts that made up my being are literally gone. I don’t understand how this is even possible, or what (if anything) I can do to change it.”
6. “I’m 25 yrs old. I used to be a bodybuilder, avid fisherman, used to drag race, and enjoy the great outdoors. USED TO.
I was on Effexor (SSRI) for about 3 yrs.
I have never in life felt so sick. I would not wish this on anyone, not even my enemy. The first 3 months were hell. dizziness, nausea, fatigue, bad memory, brain zaps, you name it I had it. I couldn’t even walk sometimes.
I fought and fought and it is now 7 months that I am clean off this horrible so called drug.
To this day, 7 MONTHS later, I am left with weakness, bad memory, and horrible coordination.
I can no longer workout, all my muscles went down, I have no energy to do what I liked to do in my life. I cannot function or remember things at work. I am useless. If it wasn’t my cousin’s place, I would have been fired along time ago.
In my opinion, Effexor has left me permanent damage. This drug has changed my life for the worse and every night I cry, because I feel that this medicine has severely left me damaged. My doctor has no idea what to do”
7. “My withdrawal from Seroxat/Paxil (SSRI) .I became very aggressive on the stuff (many arrests and court appearances), and on some days I could pop valium without it making the slightest bit of difference. When I decided it would be a clever move to stop taking it and put up with a few days of flu-like symptoms, I found out what withdrawal was really like.
I slashed at my arms, I rolled around on the floor, screaming, because everything felt raw and when the police were called I freaked out completely and brandished a knife at them.
Needless to say, I escaped jail by a hair’s breadth. When I ended up in ER, following a dose of pepper spray in my face, I begged for Seroxat and the doc just laughed in my face and said they weren’t running a pharmacy. They did not believe there was such a thing as SSRI/SNRI withdrawal syndrome. I think they still don’t.
In the cell, waiting for the court appearance, I had the worst shakes and weird feelings (having two heads, having my head swell to the size of a water melon). The junky I shared the cell with said: “Wow, what are you on?
8. “Please consider this before commenting on antidepressants in a positive way.
About 10 years ago, the medical school at a major university began to notice a large number of cadavers coming in (for the medical students to work on) which had indented and calcified frontal lobes in their brains.
Puzzled by this, they went through the life history of each cadaver that had this anomaly, and discovered that in every case, the person had been on SSRI antidepressants.
The level of brain damage indicated that each of the cadavers had been lobotomized.
The people who drew the connection between the calcified and collapsed frontal lobes (the part of the brain which contains your soul) and antidepressants received offers of money to keep it secret, and when they chose to go public anyway, received anonymous death threats against their families and children if they ever went public.
I have seen many people get destroyed by antidepressants, all the while they said all was well. Invariably they go down the toilet as they eventually move toward complete and total emotional and personality flatline.”
It’s time the public at large realized that the antipsychotics and antidepressants so glibly passed out by psychiatrists do nothing but destroy people.
Dorothy Parker, a top New York city poet and writer said it best when she wrote her often quoted comment, “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.”


  1. E

    I need help, in March I was involuntarily committed and injected with the maximum dose of Invega Sustenna and then a second high dose less than a week later, totaling almost 400 mg, now I am in constant pain with heavy pressure in my head at all times and an inability to think or connect with others or be a person at all. I am 30 years old but spend all my time waiting to die as I literally cannot function. Before the injections I was a university student; I can no longer complete my degree or work. I feel I have no choice but to end my miserable existence (this is no life, just existing). I love my family, but they would understand if they experienced this level of cognitive impairment. I want to do what I can to stop this and other unsafe pharmaceutical drugs from harming more people, however hopeless it feels, like a David and Goliath situation. Long acting injectables are unsafe especially at such high doses! Thank you for reading

    • K

      Praying for you for a miraculous recovery! You are still young. Just dont touch ANY antidepressants if you can help it. And stay away from psychiatrists.

    • Sally

      I believe we need to start doing protest against invega! I too was i injected and now wait to die. There is such a thing as a chemical lobotomy. We need to start standing up in numbers against this drug.

  2. Morganne Price

    I just today found out that I was chemically lobotomized as a child by my parents and a pyschiatrist who discreetly molested me on his lap. I believe I was 11 when it started. I was prescribed adult doses of Risperdol, Risperdone, Geodone, Straterra, Abilify, Lithium and other medications all from this one Pyschiatrist for my “extreme” case. My mother told him that I was beyond their contol and cried when in reality I was lashing out because of the abuse I endured at their hands and the hands of those they associated with. The only memories I have from before they chemically lobotomized me are memories of trauma.. except for two small faint memories I hold onto dearly. I wonder if this is because traumatic memories are stored in another part of the brain. I have a memory of of my mother saying, “Michael, she’s a zombie.” although I cannot place where this memory came from. All I remember is her voice. I went into stupors and once walked right into a stone wall while conversing with my father and broke my mother’s favorite vase. I was severly punished as it was believed I randomly did it intentionally even though I had no recalection of ever even walking that direction. I remember being by the table and waking up injured and lying in broken glass infront of the wall suffering my father’s rage. In a few years… they threw me away. I became a ward of the state… just like Howard Dully, apparently… This happend in the early 2000’s. When I was in a physchiatric unit, I was tested on. Something green, not kidding, it was B-horror flick green, was injected into my arm while I slept. The needle woke me up. Years later I tried to obtain medical records they promised would be sent to me first class. Those records never came. I don’t know who I was as a child. I only remember things linked to suffering. I believe I have healed somewhat though not entirely and not before becoming worse. I have suffered so much tragedy that on occasion when I shared little parts of my life story with people I have been told that it is not understood how I have not killed myself. Since that statement has been said to me a few times by people who do not know each other, I have wondered that myself and now I believe it was being chemically lobotomized that kept me from suicide. I live in disassociation with only rare brief moments of feeling a sense of clarity and really being here. Most people think I am normal when I talk to them… so long as I talk to them about fair weather things. I am far from normal. I now suffer a stream of violent and grotesque images in my mind that do not in any way feel connected to me or from me. I have nightmares every night and every morning I must work to establish what is real and what is not. I have numerous visual anomolies, visual snow and alice in wonderland sydrome. I have perpetual headaches with auras that are untreatable. I have PTSD and MDD. And a few years ago, I noticed that on my brain MRI… I have a shrunken frontal lobe. Though nothing was ever said about it. I am a train wreck. What lead me to find this article, ironically, was searching for how to get a lobotomy because of my suffering. I want my suffering to stop hurting people I care about to the point I have finally considered suicide. I figured I would at least try a lobotomy before killing myself… Now I want justice. Although, I do not know how to do that. There is much more to my life story… a novel’s worth. I am angry though somehow I feel not angry enough, if that makes sense. I would appreciate help finding out what is and isn’t because of being chemically lobotomized and how to live and function and learn boundaries in places I don’t have them or know to recognize. How do I cope with my brain damage? How do I get justice?

    • Tim Schwartz

      I always say vingence or justice we probably will never get either but I do trust in God jesus is real and he is helping even if you don’t realise it I know a lot of what your going through having had some sick shit done to me also hang in there m. Really theres only 2 things with in your power. That wont cause your demise that’s to forgive them. I know sounds stupid but it will only help you . And become successful at something you really like that will shake um . Good luck.

    • Johann

      1. You say chem lobotomy is awful but you also say it’s the only reason you didn’t kill yourself. Also if you are thinking lobotomy or suicide don’t do it. Just go use heroin instead and stay half alive

    • yaniecee

      The human body is miraculous, in time with great effort, discipline, consistency and diligence one can become whole again. BUT YOU HAVE TO REALLY WANT IT AND YOU CANNOT PLAY THE VICTIM CARD. I know sounds harsh considering what most of us have been through, but playing the victim weakens your recovery. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE AND REHABILITATION. Next steps is all over the net. Don’t use Google. Use alternative search engines and read, read and then read some more. Take notes, write down all the different view points, techniques and protocols. Study. Your worth that aren’t you? Start with pristine water, and a HIGh QUALITY DHA supplement like Cod Liver Oil. Choose your food as if your life depends on it BECAUSE IT DOES. It will be a journey and every moment counts.

  3. Jesus Loves you! Believe it!

    We all need JESUS!!!! He is the truth the life and the way! I too have had my heart ripped right out of me from taking zyprexa, risperdol, geodon, and seriqual.I am a zombie with no emotions, no love, and problems with memory and attention. I can barely comprehend anything when I read.BTW… Pharmekia means sorcery in the greek, i believe.
    All these drugs are wicked, and so are all these pill pushers. I pray that all thee victims here are reached with the love of Jesus. And I also pray that these psychiatrists REPENT and believe in Jesus. Thess prayers are not backed by my heart because these meds have made me so numb to everything. I can’t even cry! it’s horrible!

    • 7000JamesAndersons

      What about SSRI’S? They have been found in studies to actually improve cognitive function, and even increased brain size and speed up neural growth. MYSELF Without the SSRI (typically 90 days after succession) I start to break down to the point I can’t function. I just lay in bed suffering. Even masturbation is futile in that state. Just an overwhelming constant stress reaction. The only relief to to inflict physical pain on yourself to “coverup” that emotionalwhite noise. After a good pain session it goes away but only until something bothers me and then I’m stuck back in it. Anxiety it an anger so deep that its doesn’t go away. BUT THANK GOD FOR PAXIL with the SSRI I’m pretty normal. Music sounds better. I never knew I was a good singer. Colors are brighter. Food is more fulfilling. Sex is better and much longer lasting. And the return of morning wood everyday. And now I dream every night and can remember my dreams. And weight returning to normal from anxiety anorexia with good muscle gains. No lie specifically Paroxetine/ PAXIL is a miracle drug. Only problem is it takes 6 weeks to start working and in that time lots of self inflicted pain sessions. Once the PAXIL kicks in I swear It creates a barrier (like normal people have) between your sensations and emotions. I was prescribed an atypical antipsychotic Seroquel for panic disorder but never took it. I still have the bottle of it incase I ever decide to go for broke. I know deep down it’s not as safe as the Paroxetine and could cause my condition of panic to morph into something even worse like suicidal thoughts which I don’t get on the Paxil. Paxil works great by down-regulating dopamine slowly through increase serotonin symptom action. Thats why it takes 6 weeks to work and can prolong or even prevent orgasm. But in done strange way after another 6 or 7 weeks the arousal side effects are gone too and sex is actually better and lasts longer. You can handle much more pleasurable feelings without blowing your load. Which is good for me because I find an orgasm that happens to fast increases my anxiety. While a long session ending in a extremely powerful orgasm is very very relaxing. By the way all mental disorders stem from a lack of self worth handed down to us by our parents that were pretty much trained to cause mental anguish on there children. I find great relief in admitting I’ve been mentally abused (although I may have been tramatized when I was 5 years old after a full compound fracture of the femur from my older brother jumping up and down on the couch and he came down right on my femur and snap. It was very traumatic.

  4. maryba2013

    Profit before people. Antidepressants or SSRI’s Chemically lobotomize innocent people cause brain shrinkage, permanent brain damage.
    Cadavers show frontal lobe collapsed disintegration,Souls are removed, drive gone emotion stamped out,
    They cause indifference apathy, passion eliminated, creativity gone, we are made into chemically controlled zombies.
    Tryng to come off them you are addicted and have to suffer protracted withdrawals with no support from those who wrote a prescription. Man’s inhumanity to man. No-wonder people are so disconnected from each other.

  5. Bunks

    If an individual has advanced alzheimer and is exhibiting extreme aggressiveness could some sort of procedure be appropriate. Age 79. Curently residing in a nursing home. If the aggressiveness continues she will have to be removed from the home. This individual is very mobile. Unable to communicate in any manner. I love her. She is my wife. She scores a “0” on every mental exam. It hurts to say it but she is a mental vegetable.

    • CCHR

      Please call out 1-800 number and ask for our resource list.

  6. Bruce

    Is lobodomy reversable when stopping phycotropics

  7. Bruce

    Abilify and seraquil is frontal lebbonomy for me is it pernomint

  8. Drugged by evil satanic psychiatrists

    I was medicated plenty of times for 11 years and now I feel like a robot. I can’t feel my emotions anymore. I feel like hell. All thanks to the evil psychiatrists who want all of the world medicated . Those evil Satanic kidnappers are going to roast in hell for all their crimes against humanity. How dare these psychiatrists force haldol, prolixin and all these poisonous drugs on people! I took one 2mg pill of prolixin and it blurred my vision and it’s been blurry for 4 months still. These evil psychiatrists say it’s just a side effects. I believe it’s permanent. Also I was put on 5mg of haldol and just a few seconds later I couldn’t think or speak fluently. These evil people are getting away with crime and the police departments don’t want to investigate this because they all work together to ruin innocent people’s lives. God help us. This is pure evil!

  9. Sheila Gemmell-Smith

    Cleaning up physiologically and praying that the Harm done will heal,somewhat, with time. Sad truth is this exact model, happened with my mother, after being viciously raped,after a lifetime of disrespect, neglect,violence and corruption, she committed suicide via psychiatric meds at age 49.
    The western world has an over abundance of psychopaths. I am now almost 52 and my pleasant moment is riding a bicycle,only when I think of the promise this prodigy possessed, and the lack of security-related financially and liberty,do I feel upset. Such is life, in the modern age of greed and commerce.

  10. betty moody

    I have just stopped taking fast acting effexor. I took it for 23 years. It started destroying my body physically. I had to get off of it. So sad I missed out of 23 years of life!

    • James Anderson

      I said something positive about the drug I was on and use guys blocked the comment…. hmmm maybe you should count as a publisher instead of public domain because your cherry picking.

    • James Anderson

      WARNING IM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR. BUT INSTEAD A MAD SCIENTIST WHO IS LITERALLY MAD AND LITERALLY A SCIENTIST. Be careful your body may have adapted to the effector. Best to reduce slowly your dose by 1/4 per month until side effects subside but don’t go off completely. No matter what they say stay on at least a tiny dose for a good 5 years or more. You can easily build up an extra supply and these drugs don’t actually expire for 25 years if kept correctly. AGAIN I SAY PLEASE DONT GO ALL THE WAY OFF. If you do don’t say I didn’t warn you when all your symptoms return even dangerously worse about 90 days from abstaining. These drugs work indirectly and over time. But the side effects are immediate. So it’s best to microdose. Like if the DR say take 25mg per day you may want to only take like 5mg per day and wait and see. Unlike the DR you have real consequences if you overmedicated yourself. The DR doesn’t give two shots if your overmedicated… you find your own correct dose. Don’t tell the DR because they simple will not understand anything that they personally didn’t do the experiments themselves. Honestly from what I’ve seen DRs are very dangerous do be wise and be cunning. Take what you need and pour the rest down the drain. DR has a problem of a sharp memory but a complete lack of mental creativity and flexibility.

  11. Femke

    I have been put on these horrible drugs in a period that was very difficult. I turned into a zombi. Upon withdrawal I suffered from extreme mood swings and psychosis like I had never had before. I was put on more, different drugs (haldol, lorazepam) and my life was ruined. These drugs made me more and more sensitive to psychosis, anxiety and mood problems, because your brain changes. Right now I am not capable of living without drugs anymore… but my life on drugs is worthless. I have lost my soul. I can’t feel joy, happiness, connection, love, empathy, appreciation of nature or beautiful things and any of the positive feelings that make life worthwhile. I can’t even – and this is the worst thing these monster psychiatrists did to me – feel love for my 5 year old son anymore. I am a robot. Besides that I suffer from cognitive problems, like memory and attention problems. I hate myself and my life and most of all the psychiatrists who lied to me and put me on this poison. The strange thing is… people around me still believe the doctors and meds “help me”,,,because whenever I stop I suffer from hellish withdrawal symptoms that are obvious to everyone around (so they conclude you “need” the drugs). I am hopeless and wish to fight psychiatry and prevent them of hurting anyone else.

    • betty moody

      I totally understand. I too was overmedicated beginning in the 1980s. I lost my husband and four children. All I really needed was for someone to love me!

    • Russell Andrew Jameson

      I am so sorry. That is horrific. This post just revealed to me what more than likely was given in the military to make most of today’s veterans behave like they had lobotomies. It’s because I believe we’re being injected, and then given SSRIs when we start breaking down. I’ve love to be contacted by someone regarding this. God Willing I plan to start an organization regarding this.

  12. Robert

    I was given a lobotomy years ago and tooken away from my family and everyone I knew. I was placed within a “family” that resides in Deridder,Louisiana. I know this will probably be ignored or you may even think I am crazy but this has to stop. No one else should have to be done this way.. BTW it was a prefrontal lobotomy also known as a prefrontal leukotomy and I do have the scar to prove it. I don’t know who else to reach out to.

    • CCHR

      Someone will contact you.

    • anonymous

      This post is not to be used for investigative perposes. In Arizona they are shooting our Congress and judges to give people new antitouch labatomies. It’s war.

    • K

      Robert you are in my prayers!

  13. hoperecovering

    I have been subjected to lithium, chlorprozapine, Haldol, seroquel, plus – a prior prescription of anti depressants triggered this abuse that began some 18 years ago. We must trust that meditation and other techniques will enable a healing of the damage done. I doubt we’ll be compensated for the abuse we have suffered but globally must stand up and be heard to protect more innocent, suffering people for having their lives ruined in this way ..

  14. michelle

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Unfortunately I am seeing a lot of your same behavior in my brother tight now. He has been “experimented” on for the past 2 years, trusting doctors. My brother was the happiest man in the world just 3 yea ago, before going in antidepressants to help him cope with depression caused by divorce. He tells me that he can’t “feel” anymore. He is very scared. Will barely leave his bed, and can no longer do his work for his 3 businesses. His and our families lives are falling apart because we just don’t know how to help him. We have finally talked him into getting off all of the meds. He started weaning off ativan this week. I hope this is the right decision for him. Thanks again for your story. It really hit home for me.



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  5. 730-30 Motions and How New York State Murders its Own Citizens | Cattaraugus County, New York State Corruption & the Powers of the NYS Grand Jury System - […] maybe forced to undergo what is called a 730.30 examination, which can lead to the citizen being chemically lobotomized…
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