Are Children with Bipolar Becoming Drug Guinea Pigs?

Are children with Bipolar the victims of a huge profit-making scheme? Is it possible that the uptick in childhood bipolar diagnosis is related to the huge profits experienced by drug companies and psychiatrists promoting these drugs? There are prominent child...

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Children with Anxiety

There are plenty of things for adults to be anxious about these days, but what about children? Since children have less life experience, less control over their lives and get more influence from others, it would be logical that children could be more prone to anxiety...

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OCD in Children Facts

What is OCD in children, and how is it treated? What risks are involved in standard psychiatric drug treatment? There may be physical causes for what appears to be OCD, and ways to handle it that are not dependent on psychiatric drugs. How do you know if your child...

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Vyvanse Side Effects in Children

Vyvanse is a psychiatric drug used to treat children ages six to twelve with ADHD.   It is different than other ADHD drugs because it has to be swallowed and digested before the drug takes effect.  However, it is similar to other ADHD drugs because Vyvanse side...

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Intuniv Side Effects

Are Intuniv side effects something to be concerned with? A parent guide distributed by Shire Pharmaceuticals was criticized by the FDA’s Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communication (DDMAC ). According to the DDMAC, the risk factors involved with taking...

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Tremendous amount of money spent on mental health care

A Public Service Announcement from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida Friday's CNN Report: Clearly shows a tremendous amount of money going into the mental health industry Wondering what the amount of money spent on mental health care actually is?...

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Antidepressants Cause Autism?

To answer the question whether or not antidepressants cause autism in pregnancy, we first turned to CNN’s article on the subject. In at least one study, it was shown that antidepressants increase the risk of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) in newborn children....

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Medicating Children Away

It is not just in Florida one finds doctors medicating children, even toddlers, for behaviors long known as normal in children -- shyness, restlessness, short attention spans, fear/grief when left by parents in a new school, daycare, etc. Britain now has concern about...

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