Facts about Psychiatry

Facts about Psychiatry

While posing as “authorities” on the mind and mental health, psychiatry has no scientific basis for any of its treatments or methods. Presented herein is specific evidence debunking several of the main claims and methods of this pseudo-science.

Doctor Explaining Prescription to Patient ca. 1995

No Genetic Proof of Mental Illnesses

“No claim for a gene for a psychiatric condition has stood the test of time, in spite ...

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Psychiatric Drugs—Side Effects

Psychiatrists can’t predict what adverse side effects you might experience because not one of them knows how ...

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Multiple MRI scans October 16, 2001

No Brain Scans For Mental Illness

Psychiatrists claim that brain scans now show brain changes that “prove” mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and ...

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Psychiatry Admits It Has No Cures

“We do not know the causes [of any mental illness]. We don’t have the methods of ‘curing’ ...

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Psychiatric Disorders Voted Into Existence

Psychiatry’s diagnostic criteria are literally voted into existence and inserted into the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and ...

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Real Disease vs. Mental “Disorder”

Psychiatric disorders are not medical diseases. There are no lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance ...

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