At CCHR Florida, we are privileged to have been given a copy of “White King Rising”. This is a novel, inspired by actual events, that is written by an ally, a very like-minded individual, who has crafted a gripping, true-to-life portrayal of what we all must be asking ourselves.


White King Rising by Lee Kessler


What if you could find out THE cause of society’s ills? What is placing our nation in peril? 


What is causing the downfall of our educational system, the rampant diagnosing of our children, adults and elderly with mental health disorders, and what is prompting the ever-increasing use of psychiatric medication?


Lee Kessler, actress and author of “White King Rising” tells  a spine-chilling story of HOW psychiatry’s plan is laid out and what solution  WE CAN CREATE to eliminate the harm and abuse.  It is the story of a trojan horse, and in defeating it, the story of how we win.


Ms. Kessler has the opportunity to possibly  make her novel into a full-length, mainstream, major motion picture!


You are invited to read, for yourself ,”White King Rising”.


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