When Psychiatrists Let Killers Go Free – The Insanity Defense

by | May 18, 2015

There have been cases of psychotic killers, deemed “not guilty by reason of insanity” being released from mental hospitals and back into society.
When psychiatrists testify killers are not responsible for their actions, these murderous men and women often escape punishment for their crimes. This can include the “punishment” of being locked up safely from the rest of humanity.
Psychiatrists have admitted there is no cure for mental disorders. But in their upside down Alice-in-Wonderland world, this profession yet determines there comes a time when an insane murderer no longer suffers an abnormal mental condition and is safe to join the rest of humanity.
Those Committing Misdemeanors Held Longer than Murderers
The Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo’s Superintendent Ron Hale explains that mentally ill patients who are only guilty of misdemeanors can even be held longer than those who have murdered.
Mr. Hale views the world a little bit differently than many. He explains that some people committing minor offenses are sicker than those committing more violent acts.
Mr. Hale makes another puzzling statement “Risk is a really big factor. We take the concept of community safety very seriously.”
Mentally Disturbed Killers Released in 3 Years
In a review by The Denver Post, it was discovered that “three-fifths of 41 killers determined ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’ over the past 25 years in Colorado have been moved from the mental hospital into halfway houses and homes across the state, sometimes as soon as three years after their commitments.”
Steven Michael Stagner went on a killing rampage in 2001. Even his mother states that the best place for her son is behind bars.
But 3 years ago Stagner was allowed to leave the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo for “field trips” with unarmed hospital staff.
James Holmes, the defendant in the 2012 Aurora Theater shooting trial will be in the spotlight later this month. Opening arguments will begin on April 27. Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the 12 murders and the wounding of 70.
It is a known fact that State hospital psychiatrists, as a general rule, attempt to achieve early release for their patients. This is despite the opposition of judges and prosecutors.
Murderous Canadian Father Goes Free after 46 Months
A Canadian cardiologist who stabbed his 2 young children to death in 2009 was released in 2013, after being locked up less than 4 years.
Guy Turcotte says he “blacked out” and doesn’t remember murdering his children, but that he was “distraught” over his crumbling marriage.
The Canadian court did not convict him, finding he was “mentally ill” at the time he committed the murders, thus not criminally responsible.
Turcotte’s ex-wife, Dr. Isabelle Gaston is outraged. Here is what she has to say about his release:
“Why don’t I accept that he is mentally ill is when I look at the facts. We have a person that is a cardiologist that never had a psychiatric incident, not at all. I have trouble to understand how someone in five hours or six hours will do an interview of someone and have a conclusion that he is not a danger to society or is mentally insane.”
Yet psychiatrists have managed to become the “trusted authority” in such cases, despite common sense to the contrary. Now the man who murdered his own little children plans to “practice medicine and have more children.”
In more ways than one, psychiatry is a danger to us all.


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