→ It’s simple and it’s easy to help at CCHR Florida!

Take a look at what volunteers are needed

Call (442-8820) or email (laurie@cchrflorida.org


-Work from home, on your computer:  You can spend an hour writing a short article, we give you the subject and references and you write the story.



-Work from home, on your computer: You can spend two or three hours a week researching from the comfort of your own home. We send you the step-by-step instructions.


-Distributing fliers and newsletters in your day-to-day life:  Easy, just give a flier or newsletter to anyone you speak to in a day, in a week, in a month. 


-Help at our Events: We have 3-5 events a month, throughout Clearwater and throughout the state.  Help on one event a month and meet some great people or help on all 5 a month.


-DVD outflow: Help get the DVD to your friends and neighbors, to your doctor, your dentist, your auto-mechanic. We give you the DVDs and you introduce it to the people you see every day, every week or every month.


No matter what other activities in life you are engaged in-psychiatric harm and abuse is part of your environment, is part of your neighborhood and is something you can help to eliminate.  Help Get People Fully Informed in your daily life.