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CCHR Florida has been keeping you up-to-date on the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) from the time it was drafted, through it’s passage into law, and the steps being taken to prepare for its implementation. Now, we are able to provide a  comprehensive estimate of how this law affects the state of Florida, your community, and your family. 
Psychiatry is already prepared to reap the benefits of the mental heath programs:
Expanded market for drugging of our youth: 8 million previously uninsured children will have mandatory mental health coverage.   Mental heath screening: Broad public health orientation, emphasizing “early identification and intervention, and a greater reliance on community supports”, code for mental health screening in school systems and primary care physicians.
  Maximizing the reach of psychiatry: The use of telepsychiatry for psychiatric assessment, treatment, and provider collaboration. (read on to learn more about “provider collaboration”)   One-Stop Shopping: The ACA supports the delivery of patient and family-centered care through the expectation of greater collaboration between the primary and specialty care providers and greater access to supportive resources, as well as an emphasis on “one-stop” shopping for patients and their families.   Consolidation of power: The ACA mandates the development of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). ACOs are well-defined legal entities consisting of a network of individual physicians, physician groups, hospitals, and other entities that provide healthcare to patients, enrolled within a specific insurance plan. The healthcare must be coordinated within the network with the goal of containing costs through the provision of preventive services, reduction in the duplication of services and tests, avoidance of hospital readmission, value-based purchasing, the adoption of integrated electronic medical record systems, and other targeted cost containment provisions as determined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  Redefinition of words: Most ACO models of care delivery promote the concept of a health or medical “home”. Requirements state that one of the primary responsibilities of the health home is the provision of mental health services. Mental health interventions in the health home may include patient/parent education, identifying and tracking clinical symptoms with the use of standardized rating scales, monitoring adherence with treatment regimens, and providing therapeutic interventions.
The entire family as patient: Family therapies, parent management training, referral of family members for their own mental health assessment and treatment as indicated, and referral of the family to supportive social services.
Your new “Big Brother“: The primary care physician (PCP) will serve as leader of a multidisciplinary team that attends to the medical and mental health needs of the patients.
The Primary Care Physician (PCP) becomes an extension of the mental health practitioner. The mental health community is prepared to provide:
1. Preventive Services and Screening
a. Educate primary care practitioners (PCPs) regarding the use and interpretation of screening tools.
b. Enhance PCPs’ knowledge of mental health vulnerabilities and mental health and educational resources.
2. Early Intervention and Routine Care Provision
a. Provide on-demand verbal consultations to PCPs regarding appropriate evaluation and management of mental health problems.
b. Provide in-person consultation for mental health problems at the request of the PCP and family.
3. Specialty Consultation, Treatment, and Coordination
a. Collaboratively with the PCP, develop a patient/family mental health care plan that will be implemented by the PCP with the assistance of a mental health care coordinator.
4. Intensive Mental Health Services for Complex Clinical Problems.
a. Provide psychiatric assessment, clinical formulation, and treatment recommendations for patients referred by PCPs for mental health care.
b. Collaboratively with the PCP, plan for the return of care to the primary care sector when appropriate.
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