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Financial Ties to Drug Companies

Financial Ties to Drug Companies

A medical doctor should be a person who can be trusted to administer good care with the patient’s health and well-being as the primary concern. Is that necessarily the truth these days?     Doctors and psychiatrists get paid by drug companies to run clinical...

What Drug Companies Do Not Tell You

Did you know that “the powerful billion-dollar drug industry designs and interprets studies to suit their interests”? Drug companies can hand pick the trials or studies of a particular drug to be published. In fact, drug companies are not even required to publish...
Financial Ties to Drug Companies

Marketing Over Safety

Did you know that drug companies make 14.6 BILLION dollars annually on just antipsychotics alone?  That’s more than any other class of drug.  It didn’t used to be that way.  Antipsychotics used to be prescribed only for the severely “mentally ill” but now according to...