If there is one thing that I believe we can all agree on, it’s that children committing suicide due to psychotropic medication is unacceptable and must stop. Please read the responses we are getting to the new CCHR DVD, “Dead Wrong: How psychiatric drugs can kill your child”.



CCHR Florida -Responses to the new CCHR DVD


A dad phoned our office after receiving our mail-out of the DVD and cover letter.  He told us that he and his wife listen to a lot of talk radio and learned early on that psychiatric drugs cause harm.  He appreciated finding out that our organization is here to educate parents all over the state. He and his wife do talk to all their friends and enlighten them on the dangers of the drugs. We told him that he and his wife are terrific advocates and we invited them to join our team.


Responses from people who got the DVD introduced to them by our volunteers who went door-to-door in their community. 


-One lady when given the Dead Wrong DVD originated that she was just in the process of deciding whether to put her child on psych drugs but has not made up her mind yet. Her kid was just labeled with ADHD. She was very happy about the DVD and said she will definitely watch it before making the decision.


-Another guy originated that he was recently on several psych drugs as he was in the hospital and that they kept changing the drugs he was given. He said it was screwing him up and he didn’t know why.  He was really interested in watching the DVD as he didn’t realize that there were such adverse effects to the drugs.


-Another guy appreciated being given the DVD and said that he would like to make donations to CCHR Florida in the near future.


-Another lady when being told about the DVD originated that she was on psych drugs and so was her sister and 2 nephews. She realized something was wrong as whenever she went off the meds she would end up in jail which occurred on 3 separate occasions and when her sister took one of her sons of his meds he attempted suicide by jumping out of a window. She was extremely thankful and wanted to watch the DVD and find out how to get off the drugs and took a DVD for her sister as well to help her and her kids.
Click here to see the new CCHR DVD, Dead Wrong.  When psychiatrists tell you that psychotropic medication is safe for your child, they are DEAD WRONG.


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