Our Worst Dreams Coming True

The commonly prescribed anti-depressant Prozac has been linked to violence in its users. A recent trend of bizarre school massacres, child murders/suicides by mothers, and other senseless acts of violence motivated investigation into the possible cause. Such research indicates that altering brain chemicals has serious consequences.

Research shows that Prozac and other anti-depressants work by altering levels of serotonin, a normally occurring hormone regulating anger, aggression, body temperature, etc. Prozac, by increasing serotonin levels, is supposed to elevate one’s mood. One unfortunate side effect is to alter the normal sleep cycle, consisting of several stages. Normal sleep includes a necessary stage called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. During this phase, eye muscles move while other muscles do not; because neurons turn on in the brain to prevent sleepwalking and the acting out of dreams.

Prozac and other antidepressants are known to suppress REM sleep, which has serious consequences.

In her September 13, 2004 testimony to the FDA, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, PhD, author of Prozac:

Panacea or Pandora? testified:

“The last 15 years of my life have been devoted full time to researching and writing about SSRI* antidepressants. Research on serotonin has been clear … that the most damaging thing that could be done to the … system would be to impair one’s ability to metabolize serotonin. Yet that is exactly how SSRI antidepressants exert their effects….

“For decades research has shown that impairing serotonin metabolism will produce … hostility, violent crime,… impulsive behavior with no concern for punishment, and argumentative behavior….

“Can you remember two decades ago when depressed people used to slip away quietly to kill themselves rather than killing everyone around them and then themselves as they do while taking SSRI antidepressants? ….

“A study out of the University of Southern California in 1996 looked at a group of mutant mice in an experiment that had gone terribly wrong. These genetically engineered mice were the most violent creatures they had ever witnessed. They were born lacking the… enzyme which metabolizes serotonin. As a result their brains were awash in serotonin. This excess serotonin is what the researchers determined was the cause for this extreme violence. Antidepressants produce the same end result as they inhibit the metabolism of serotonin…

“It is believed that the high serotonin levels over stimulate the brain stem leading to a lack of muscle paralysis during sleep thus allowing the patient to act out the dreams or nightmares they are having. Connecticut witnessed the Prozac-induced case of Kelly Silk several years ago. This young mother attacked her family with a knife, then set the house on fire killing all but her 8 year old daughter who ran to the neighbors. As she stood bleeding and screaming for help she explained, ‘Help! My mommy is having a nightmare!”

The introduction of Prozac and other antidepressants on the market brought a trend of violence never before witnessed in this country. Touting these drugs as a prescription for “mental health” is at best, false advertising; at worst, a profound betrayal by those who, in the name of “help”, are in fact hurting Mankind.

* [Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor]