Psychiatric Drugs—Search Warnings, Studies, & Side Effects

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Date: Apr 23 2015
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See for yourself – Antidepressants – ADHD drugs Antipsychotics Antianxiety drugs
Or, do an advanced search on the drug database…
Note: The information given on these pages are not opinion – they are international drug regulatory agency warnings, peer reviewed studies and FDA medwatch reports which represent the only post market surveillance available on psychiatric drugs, considering the FDA approves psychiatric drugs based solely on short term clinical drug trials (6-8 weeks) with no follow up studies once they are out in the consumer market. No one should attempt to get off of psychiatric drugs without doctor’s supervision. This information is provided as a free public service by CCHR International, which contains a full list of international drug regulatory warnings & studies issued on antidepressant drugs, antipsychotic drugs, anti-anxiety drugs and ADHD drugs, along with all adverse reaction reports on psychiatric drugs which have been filed with the US FDA from 2004 – 2011 by doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare providers, consumers and attorneys. This search engine essentially comprises all known, documented risks of psychiatric drugs. It does not contain opinion, just documented studies, warnings and post market data.

You can search drug classes or brand name drugs such as Adderall, Zoloft, Xanax, Paxil, Risperdal and hundreds more.

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