Mandatory Mental Health Is Detrimental

by | Jul 9, 2012

Most people are familiar with the fact that Obamacare came about for the purpose of making health insurance available and affordable for millions of Americans who previously could not obtain it. In principal, that sounds like a good thing, but that idea has
presented a fair amount of controversy. Now that the Supreme Court has upheld
Obamacare, it’s time to look at the facts.
Under this health insurance plan, there are many provisions for mandatory mental health services. To some that also might sound like a good thing, but when one looks at what this really means, it is not. It means mental health is treated on par with medical disease
which is not correct. There are no medical tests to prove any “mental disorder” exists. There are no MRIs, urine tests or blood tests or any other physiological test to show that some “mental illness” exists in the body or mind.
Without a shred of medical science behind psychiatric diagnoses, it is clear all “mental disorders” are based solely on an opinion. The opinion of the mental health professional has been allowed by our government to become an “authority” and now those opinions of
that “authority” are now being forced upon us as the only option for mental health care.
There are no provisions in this law for coverage of naturopathic medicine, nutritional therapies, herbal therapies or the like. Natural remedies are not used by a psychiatrist. Most likely, that “disorder” will be treated with mind-altering psychiatric drugs that have
potentially life-threatening side effects.
In essence, the government has made it a law that Americans need this type of mental health care within their health insurance plan whether they like it or not. That means more funds, grants, research and outreach programs in the direction of more mental health
services for all. It means more money and effort to find people with “mental
disorders” and then get them onto treatment.
It also means eventually screening the entire U.S. population for signs of “mental disorders” or to minimally see if they are “at risk” for “mental disorders” and get them onto “preventative” treatment. Imagine going to your family doctor for a routine check-up with no complaints about your health, only to answer a few questions and be told you
are at risk for a “mental disorder” and “need” to take psychiatric drugs as
Treatment is indeed the goal of the mental health industry. Treatment means drugs which mean big profits. How else can one justify manufacturing drugs such as antidepressants which carry the highest FDA warning of increased thoughts of suicide? Why would anyone
produce anything that has the potential to make you think of committing
With that in mind, are we really supposed to believe that pharmaceutical companies care about our health and safety? It doesn’t appear that way since they market these drugs as a way to get to that happy place with the butterflies and quickly zip through the part
that the drug can actually make you feel even more depressed to the extent you
may consider suicide.
If that isn’t enough proof for you, consider the fact that Glaxo-Smith Kline recently pleaded guilty for illegal marketing of their antidepressants Paxil and Wellbutrin. This means they promoted these drugs for use other than what has been approved by the FDA. They also witheld safety information regarding their diabetes drug, Avantia.
Glaxo-Smith Kline gave false information for a medical journal article saying a clinical trial showed Paxil was effective in treating children for depression when there was no such
evidence. They then used this article to promote the drug’s use in adolescents
when it wasn’t approved for minors at that time. The company also courted
doctors with many perks over a ten year period in order to get them to write
more prescriptions for their drugs. Free concert tickets, spa treatments,
vacations and the like were handed out all in the name of profits, not health
and safety.
As a result of these illegal activities, Glaxo-Smith Kline was slapped with a three billion dollar fine, the largest in U.S. history. That sounds like a lot of money, but keep in mind that this company made almost twenty-eight billion dollars from these three
drugs alone over a ten year period that this settlement covers. That
doesn’t qualify as a slap and it certainly doesn’t send any message to change
their tactics as the almost twenty-five billion dollars in profits certainly
makes the illegal activity look very worthwhile.
Glaxo-Smith Kline is not the only one that has been caught in these types of tactics. Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Abbott Labs have all been fined billions of dollars as well for illegal
marketing of their drugs. The point is pharmaceutical companies don’t seem to
care what it takes to keep the field of mental health a cash cow. Judging by
their actions, it doesn’t seem they have our health and safety as a priority
but are driven only by profits.
It would be wise to research how mandatory mental health care affects you. Be aware that the light is green for the mental health industry to saturate society with their bogus diagnoses and dangerous mind-altering psychiatric drugs while reaping billions of dollars in profits. It would also be smart to check out effective disorder-free and
drug-free options available. Once you have all the information, you can make an
informed decision that’s right for you.


  1. admin

    Yes, it’s amazing how many people are denied full information about the risks of the psychiatric medications.

  2. Brian Green

    So much for any law and order, government gets some pocket change out of the pharma companies while they continue to make profit at the cost of human life. I guess government really told the pharma companies to go ahead and commit more murders, just give us some more pocket change. Another example of just how bad psychiatry and the corporate greed of the phama companies have totally corrupted justice, and it’s only going to get worse under “Obama Care”. The pharma personnel need to be sent to prison, and “Obama Care” needs to be shoved back down Obama’s throat until he chokes on it. This does not look good for our future.


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