Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum

A leading proponent for exposing mental health atrocities ramps up its Florida presence with a facility that includes a Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museum and a targeted focus on psychiatric abuses both locally and throughout the world. The museum presents the unvarnished history of psychiatry across fourteen audio-visual displays, each revealing another aspect of psychiatric abuse and violations of human rights.

Documentaries on the History of Psychiatry

Far greater than just a series of displays, the exhibit is based on a full-length documentary that presents the complete history of psychiatry, exposing its pseudoscientific origins and the shocking human rights abuses that led to the establishment of CCHR.

More than 700,000 visitors

Nearly 200,000 visitors have toured the original Psychiatry: An Industry of Death museum at CCHR International headquarters in Los Angeles, which has become an essential part of the curriculum for several local educational institutions. More than 700,000 visitors have experienced the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death traveling exhibits in cities around the world.

The museum is free to the public - 7 days a week

CCHR has produced seven award-winning documentaries, with 7 million DVDs in 18 languages reaching 120 million people with exposés of overdrugging in the military, the irreparable harm of electroshock, and labeling and drugging of children.

You are invited to tour this museum. This entirely self-guided tour includes documentaries and displays of psychiatry’s most harmful treatments.