If there is one thing that I believe we can all agree on, it’s that children committing suicide due to psychotropic medication is unacceptable and must stop.


Click on the link to view the latest CCHR video entitled Dead Wrong.  When psychiatrists tell you that psychotropic medication is safe for your child, they are DEAD WRONG.


Two CCHR Florida members have been very busy and successful in sharing this DVD with their family and friends. This is what Tim and Betty Carleton had to say:


“After watching the entire Dead Wrong DVD we felt it was important to share with family and friends.  We had previously sent other informational DVDs to friends and aquaintenances and often had little or no response.


However, the Dead Wrong video brought a greater response than any other that we had sent out.  The responses were all favorable and with statements that they were sending them on to their friends and relatives.  The mailman said he had been looking for a video like this!


Two college friends said that they had shared it with neighbors and that they would send it on to their adult children who now have children of their own.”


Additionally, a CCHR Florida volunteer has been very busy going door-to-door to share the DVD with his community. Two week-ends ago, he attended a Women’s Festival where there were 300 women in attendance for a book signing from a famous female author.  He spoke to many of these women and introduced them to the DVD and gave them a copy.  They were very eager to have the information.


If you want to ensure that no mother ever has to go through what Celeste Steubing went through, join CCHR Florida today.  Right now.  Click here.


We have many of the Dead Wrong videos and need any and all size donations for postage to send the DVDs to Florida Mothers. Donate to CCHR Florida, please let us know.  We will be sending out masses of these videos.