Florida Sex Offenders mean Psychiatrists Profit

by | Jan 22, 2014

The danger of Florida sex offenders has become a money-maker for psychiatrists. At taxpayer’s expense, mental health “experts” like psychiatrists and psychologists charge Floridians an enormous sum every time they testify.prison
Due to a law passed in 1999 to keep mentally ill Florida sex offenders past their prison terms, psychological “experts” charge $200 an hour for their testimony, travel and wait time. In fact, over $26 million has been charged these taxpayers over the past 14 years.
To make matters worse, nearly half of the $26 million went to only 10 of these “experts.” Every doctor who is interviewed by a defense attorney (as a possible witness) is paid, even if they do not testify.
Although paying dearly for this service, the benefit to society is negligible.
It was revealed recently that almost 600 sex offenders in Florida committed new sex crimes after they were set free. They had been reviewed under Florida’s predator law, under the “helpful” guidance of the above mentioned mental experts.
According to “Mental Health America,” Sex offenders often do not have a treatable mental illness. And according to the psychiatric Bible Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV), sexual predation is not amenable to currently available treatments.
The curious observation by Mental Health America that “mental health professionals have difficulty determining which sex offenders are likely to be dangerous if not committed and what if any treatment should be provided,” collides with the policy of paying these “experts” for their testimony in sexual predation cases.
MHA further justifies their ineptness by this statement:
“This means that courts, which must rely on professional expertise, will regularly make mistakes in deciding who should be committed or released, with serious consequences for both the public and the offender.”
They have themselves covered nicely.
The actual 15-year recidivism rate is as high as 13 percent for incest perpetrators, 24 percent for rapists, and 35 percent for child molesters of young boys.
Since the ranks of psychiatry and psychology have their own share of sexual deviants, their cavalier attitude towards sexual predators is not surprising.
For example, although only 6% of all doctors are psychiatrists, this profession accounts for 33% of sex crimes committed by doctors. The number of sexual molestation cases within the ranks of the psychiatric profession is 37% higher than that of the general public.
Even psychiatrists admit that 65% of new patients say they have been abused sexually by their former psychiatrist.
If statistics like these were widely known, our judicial system might reconsider their employment of psychiatrists as expert witnesses in sexual predation cases.
It is no surprise that a profession infested with a large percent of sexual deviants would glibly release Florida sex offenders back into the public. When the truth about psychiatry’s ineptness becomes broadly known, the public trust will finally and mercifully disappear.


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