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CCHR Florida Opens its Doors to You!


How to educate your friends about the harms of psychiatric medications and the alternative treatments.


On Saturday, February 19th, 2011 – 10am-12noon
CCHR Florida will celebrate one year in its new building! 


In light of this celebration, we will be holding a short briefing to educate YOU on how to educate your friends-about the harms of psychiatric medications.


Just as a builder needs tools; a computer programmer needs a computer and keyboard; a seamstress needs cloth and a needle and thread—Each one of us need the simple facts and how to relay these facts to others.


The harms of psychiatric medications and their adverse effects are in our communities, next door to our homes, and it is up to us to help educate others.


Call-727-442-8820 to confirm or email


Safe Approach to Mental Health Booklet


This booklet has been used with thousands of individuals to educate them about the facts on psychiatry and the alternatives treatments. 


Go here to purchase your copy: