DSM 5 Outrages Mental Health Professionals

by | Feb 13, 2012

DSM 5, the fifth edition of the influential Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, has gone a bit far, even for its own proponents. What human emotions and reactions have now been labeled mental illnesses in DSM 5, this latest edition of the psychiatric Bible?

For one, DSM 5 has created “Oppositional defiant disorder” referring to a child who refuses to do what his parents ask him to do. The other symptom of this “mental illness” is “performs deliberate actions to annoy others.”
Either the DSM 5 editors have no idea how to raise a child, or they have finally discovered a means to ensnare more than the current six million children prescribed psychiatric medication in the USA. For what parent has not experienced a child testing his wings by opposing what is demanded? We used to call that spirit.
Grieving after the loss of a loved one would be labeled “depression” if this edition is not revised before going to print.
The editors of DSM 5 may be pushing the envelope of nonsense far enough for a serious recoil from their own peers. At least 11,000 mental health professionals have signed a petition for the edition to be halted and re-worked.
This outrage amongst mental health workers is an opportunity to glimpse the truth of what DSM 5 and earlier editions are all about. For when the psychiatric definition of mental illness slops over into normal human behavior such as bereavement after loss, the eyes of the public may finally open to their charlatanism.
Yes, the normal bereavement process is going to be relabeled “Major Depression.”
Not only are bereaved people at risk of being labeled depressed, but those who are in grief and buy what the DSM 5 is selling could end up on dangerous and potentially debilitating anti-depressant drugs. These people would also be denied the natural process of grieving that allows individuals to come out on the other side.
Do we need the help of psychiatrists and their drugs to get through an event that human beings have been experiencing since time immemorial?
There are other dangers to DSM 5. According to this edition, sex abusers and even serial rapists may get their own psychiatric label, “paraphilic coercive disorder” Paraphilia  is defined as “Any of a group of psychosexual disorders characterized by sexual fantasies, feelings, or activities involving a nonhuman object, a nonconsenting partner such as a child, or pain or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner. Also called sexual deviation” (The American Heritage Dictionary.)
This action of DMS 5 redefining violent sexual conduct could result in sexual criminals being released due to their “mental illness,” putting us all in danger. (Yes, even the children and wives of the DSM 5 editors)
Perhaps it is difficult for those creating DSM 5 to take responsibility for potential public disaster when blinded by potential revenue. For newly diagnosed depressives and otherwise mentally ill individuals will need treatment. In this day and age, “treatment” most often equates with prescription anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs. And that translates into big money for both psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies.


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