Recently, a dedicated CCHR Florida Volunteer went to introduce himself to the landlady of his building. He gave her a copy of the new CCHR DVD “Dead Wrong” and after watching it she showed it to a friend of hers. Her friend had been taking psychiatric medications and had not been informed about the adverse effects.  Her son was, also, on psychiatric medication and after watching the film, she understood the risks that she and her son were taking.  She got with a medical professional and got herself and her son, a thorough medical exam.  From there she and her son were safely tapered off all medications.  They would have never known the potentially fatal consequences if they hadn’t watched the DVD.



Dead Wrong


The new DVD from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights tells the story of one mother’s journey to discover all the factual information she was not given by those who prescribed her son mental health medications. Perhaps someone you know could benefit from hearing her story and the stories of many other mothers who have traveled the same road.



CCHR Florida is starting Moms’ groups across the state.  If you would like to be part of a Mom group and help to get the DVD shown to others: Call 727-442-8820


Click on the link and select “Dead Wrong” to view the latest video entitled Dead Wrong.  When psychiatrists tell you that psychotropic medication is safe for your child, they are DEAD WRONG.


If you want to ensure that no mother ever has to go through what Celeste Steubing went through, join CCHR Florida today.  Right now.  Click here.


If you have purchased the Dead Wrong video and have copies you would like to donate to CCHR Florida, please let us know.  We have many people throughout the state who would benefit by having this video. If you want to help us get these to your neighbors and friends: email