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Dead Wrong


Make your activities count–See What CCHR Florida is doing to help stop psychiatric harm and abuse of children and see what you can do to help!

CCHR’s “Dead Wrong” DVD is going out across the state of Florida


What we are doing:


We have a lot of DVDs that are being donated to our office by generous business people throughout the community.  We have a team of volunteers that are placing a label on each DVD that gives our contact information and the very important warning to not withdraw from the psychiatric drugs without the help of a medical doctor.


We have a fellow in Fort Lauderdale who is rollerblading door-to-door and introducing himself and the DVD to his community.


We have a volunteer who is a Taxi driver and he is handing the DVD to each of his customers with a brief introduction of the subject matter.


We have an ally who is a Clinical Pharmacist who is giving the DVDs to each of her customers.


We have a Minister ally who is giving the DVD to his parishoners and we have a Businesswoman who is distributing the DVDs to her colleagues.


We were also invited to the “Say No to Drugs Race” two weeks ago to distribute the DVD to the runners.


Last week -the first 1000 DVDs were sent to Florida Mothers.


What we need from you:


Join us in this campaign to get our communities informed-


-We need volunteers to help get the DVD to their own community


-We need Donations (of any size) to help pay for the mailing of the DVDs.


-We need YOU to WATCH the DVD so that you can experience the impact of this vital message.


 Email: if you would like to help or call 727-442-8820