CCHR Florida has a LOT of NEWS regarding the new CCHR DVD “Dead Wrong”.


Here is just a small portion of what we can tell you about the new DVD getting out to the public. (As of today, nearly 7,000 individuals have gotten this DVD from CCHR Florida)


CCHR Florida at Nutrition Expo

CCHR Florida Distributes the "Dead Wrong" DVD at a Nutrition Expo to hundreds of people--It was Very Well Received!




Additionally, many CCHR Florida volunteers are getting the DVD out to their neighbors and friends.  Read and find out how one DVD can be passed along to so many and make a big difference in the quality of life.


One  retired, special education teacher, was very aware of the problem and confided that every child in  her class had been on psychiatric drugs.  She retired because she could see what was happening in schools was not to be considered education anymore.  She was interested to watch the DVD and share it with her friends.


One woman, whose father committed suicide due to anti-depressants when she was ten years old, was going to give the DVD to her youth services pastor at her church, to view at an event as part of their family programs.  Her son was going to give the DVD to a junior high school friend of his who was on Ritalin.


One married couple shared the DVD with the dad of 5 children.  He had found out 8 months prior that his ex-wife was going to put their youngest son on psychiatric drugs.  The dad got fully informed by all the information on our website and in the DVD and he helped to educate the mom.  They both decided to work with a non-psychiatric medical professional to get the young boy safely off of the drugs and use alternative treatment to handle the orginal problem, which was supposedly for his blood pressure.


These are only a few examples of the many people who recognize the dangers of the psychiatric drugs.  They have benefited from getting fully informed and watching “Dead Wrong” and they are passing the DVD along to others who will benefit.


Help us to get this DVD out to your neighor, your friend or even someone you haven’t met yet.


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