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20 Aug

Multi-Million Dollar Fines Insufficient to Curb Fraud & Patient Sexual Abuse in For-Profit Behavioral Health Industry, CCHR Says

Universal Health Services (UHS), which owns a chain of for-profit psychiatric facilities in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, has agreed to pay $127 million to settle a U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) civil probe into alleged fraud. The settlement ...

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18 Dec

CCHR Supports U.N. and Rights’ Groups Demand for Urgent FDA Ban on Skin Electric Shock Devices

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it will ban a device that delivers painful electrical shocks to the skin to “modify” behavior in disabled students at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) in Massachusetts. In a publication of ...

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14 Nov

CCHR Florida Applauds Court Finding Forcible Electroshock a Human Rights Violation: Reinforces the Need to Ban ECT

The Florida chapter of the international mental health watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), applauds a recent Supreme Court decision in Victoria, Australia that ruled the forcible use of electroshock treatment (ECT) violates patients’ human rights. The case involved ...

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This year’s recipient of the prestigious CCHR Humanitarian Award was local attorney Mrs. Carmen Miller for her work to educate citizens on their rights under the mental health law.
06 Nov

Humanitarian Award Presented to Attorney Committed to Fighting for Human Rights

Distinguished Florida attorney, Mrs. Carmen Miller, received the CCHR Humanitarian Award during a banquet held at the historic Fort Harrison in downtown Clearwater for her work in the fight to protect individuals from fraudulent involuntary psychiatric examinations known as Baker ...

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Baker Act Symposium
12 Jul

Mental Health Watchdog Hosts Baker Act Defense Attorney Symposium

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) hosted a conference on the Florida mental health law for defense attorneys for the purpose of discussing strategies to effectively serve families and to eradicate violations of the law at the Fort Harrison ...

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26 Apr

Mental Health Watchdog Warns Officials on Baker Act Rights Abuses

With reports surfacing that the number of citizens being Baker Acted is on the rise following the school shooting in Parkland, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is cautioning those charged with executing an involuntary psychiatric examination to pay ...

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Who Speaks for the Child?
13 Feb

Mental Health Watchdog Continues to Fight for Children Who Remain Target of Baker Act Misuse

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) of Florida, a non-profit mental health watchdog that exposes human rights violations and is dedicated to the protection of children, applauds the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department for taking action following the handcuffing of ...

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21 Dec

ECT: The Ultimate Child Abuse

It is hard for many to believe that ECT is still legally performed. Yet many psychologists and psychiatrists still insist this barbaric “treatment” does something more than damage brains. For instance, Edward Shorter, PhD believes that sending up to 450 ...

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Diane Stein, President of CCHR Florida, presented the 2017 CCHR Humanitarian Award to Jacksonville attorney Mr. Justin Drach
16 Nov

CCHR Florida Presents Humanitarian Award to an Attorney Dedicated to Stopping Mental Health Abuses

A prominent Florida attorney was presented with the CCHR Humanitarian Award during a banquet held at the historic Fort Harrison in downtown Clearwater for his work to expose and prevent fraudulent involuntary psychiatric examinations known as Baker Acts. Hundreds of ...

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Mental Health Fraud in Florida
26 Mar

Mental Health Funding – Propping up a Fraudulent System

PR men hired by pharmaceutical companies and psychiatric vested interests have created a false world peopled by millions of the “under served” mentally ill. According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 1 out of 5 adults suffer from mental ...

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