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A CCHR International report on behavioral health facilities published last year highlights how the lack of science, medically sound diagnoses and unworkable treatments in psychiatry have escaped accountability and contributed to the fraud.
27 Oct

CCHR, Mental Health Industry Watchdog, Rails Against Use of Commitment Laws That Detain Patients for Profit

Involuntary commitment laws are being used to detain mental health patients for profit, with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) saying the system needs to be overhauled and stringent penalties put in place to stem the fraud and abuse. The group ...

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21 Aug

Mental Health Stigma Created by Psychiatry

When $20.4 million in federal funding for mental health services in Florida expired recently, those tied directly to this tax-payer funded care began a predictable and loud outcry. Stacey Cook-Hawk, CEO of Salus Care, a Mental Health and Addiction facility ...

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04 Jun

Mental Health Funding In Florida: Why Floridians Should Not Support the Fraud

Lately Floridians have been subject to accusations of “Florida does not support mental health,” “Florida is 50th in the nation in mental health funding,” and “Florida does not care for its citizens in need.” But instead of caving to these ...

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27 Apr

Psychiatry: Stop Funding the Fraud

The primary product of psychiatry seems to be an increase in the number of normal behaviors categorized as mental illnesses, which has skyrocketed sales for drug companies. Even mental health professionals are complaining about the meteoric rise in psychiatric intervention ...

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11 Apr

Crocodile Tears: Florida Mental Health Begs More University Funds

In a bid to gain more taxpayer money, University System of Florida members are recommending an expansion of their mental health programs on campus. Dr. Andy King, counseling center director for the University of Florida pleaded with lawmakers. “It may ...

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