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27 Apr

Psychiatry: Stop Funding the Fraud

The primary product of psychiatry seems to be an increase in the number of normal behaviors categorized as mental illnesses, which has skyrocketed sales for drug companies. Even mental health professionals are complaining about the meteoric rise in psychiatric intervention ...

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07 Feb

Psychiatric Goofs: Physical Conditions Mimicking Mental Disorders

  Florida law currently requires that anyone sent for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation be given a physical examination within 24 hours of their arrival at a psychiatric facility. Since there are over 100 physical ailments that can mock a psychiatric ...

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15 Mar

Baker Acting 7 year-olds

Florida’s mental health law, the Baker Act, gives law enforcement the right to detain someone, restrain them in a police vehicle using force as needed and take them to a designated psychiatric facility. An individual can be detained against their ...

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30 Dec

Infants Being Given Psychiatric Drugs On The Rise

Psychiatric drug prescriptions for infants age 2 and younger have been rising at an alarming rate. The New York Times recently reported statistics obtained from the prescription data company IMS Health, the world’s leading health information and analytics company. 20,000 ...

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13 Sep

Psychiatry Admits Failure

Psychiatrist Richard Friedman reflects on American Psychiatry’s quandary in a recent NY Times Op Ed piece: “Despite a vast investment in basic neuroscience research and its rich intellectual promise, we have little to show for it on the treatment front. ...

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26 Aug

Tardive Dyskinesia: Disability Caused by Psychiatric Medication

Psychiatric drugs have long term side effects that can make a person’s life miserable. Tardive dyskinesia is one condition caused by many antipsychotic drugs. The victim of this condition grimaces, thrusts his tongue, swings his jaw and makes chewing motions. ...

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Mental Health Fraud in Florida
11 Aug

Mental Health Reform Bill Strengthened

Ironically, the “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act,” legislation first introduced in 2013, was supposedly in response to the deadly school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Possibly legislators Tim Murphy and Eddie Bernice Johnson, who reintroduced the bill in June ...

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25 Jun

Top Five Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Violence

To assert psychiatry is careless in prescribing drugs for its various diagnosed disorders is a monstrous trivialization of the problem. Many of their drugs have been directly linked to suicide and violent behavior, sometimes resulting in murder on a grand ...

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18 May

Foster Kids Abused with Psychiatric Drugs

Foster children are extremely vulnerable. Many have been uprooted continuously with no permanent place to call home. With personal belongings transported inside an empty trash bag, they have little, if any stability in their lives. Yet these children, desperately in ...

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Poison Pill Bottle
11 May

APA Admits Psychotropic Drugs are Poisons

The American Psychiatric Association online newspaper, “Psychiatric News” proudly reported on April 16th, 2015 that “Psychotropics Lead List for Youth-Related Drug Poisoning Calls.” And indeed they do top the list. But the APA probably overlooked the fact they were publicly ...

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