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Raining Drugs
27 Feb

Psychiatric Child Abuse

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin asserts the psychiatric drugging of children is nothing but child abuse. He remarks that in the past, abuse of vulnerable members of society was largely justified based on “moral, religious, patriotic or ethnic grounds.” But today’s child ...

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20 Feb

Involuntary Commitment of Children on Faulty Diagnosis

The newest version of the DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – the psychiatric “bible” of invented mental disorders) would be laughable were it not so dangerous. For instance, when a person is involuntarily committed for mental evaluation under the Baker ...

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19 Feb

ADHD Medications a Popular College High

Is it any surprise that drugs to treat supposed psychiatric disorders are now popularly abused? The very idea that misbehavior, restlessness or plain old boredom in school is a mental illness has led to predictable abuse in older kids, many ...

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30 Dec

Infants Being Given Psychiatric Drugs On The Rise

Psychiatric drug prescriptions for infants age 2 and younger have been rising at an alarming rate. The New York Times recently reported statistics obtained from the prescription data company IMS Health, the world’s leading health information and analytics company. 20,000 ...

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06 Dec

Terrorists on Psych Drugs: Mass Shooters on a Grand Scale

What do many terrorists and school shooters in the US have in common? Apparently, both terrorists and school shooters are taking psychiatric drugs. When French Special Forces officers raided the hotel room of wanted ISIS terrorist Salah Abdelsalam in the ...

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11 Nov

The Baker Act and Your Rights as Parents

The Baker Act (Translation) John Eddy Sarmiento, Reporter: Since 1971 in the State of Florida there is a law that considers the possibility that any person could be mentally ill. Rosa Prieto, Spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights ...

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26 Aug

CCHR Helps New Mexico Legislature Prevent Drugging of School Kids

April 7th, 2015 was a landmark day for parents and school kids in the state of New Mexico. On that day Governor Susana Martinez signed into law The Child Medication Safety Act. The new law strikes at the heart of ...

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Creative Process Photo Credit: South Florida Business Journal
21 Apr

Does Ritalin Stifle Creativity?

Looking at a Questionable Treatment in a New Light Some astute researchers hypothesize youngsters’ creativity is being extinguished by Ritalin. Jeffrey Zaslow, reporter for The Wall Street Journal asks “whether the Ritalin Revolution will sap tomorrow’s work force of some ...

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24 Mar

Florida School Sends Bullying Victim to Mental Hospital

Parents never quite know what might happen when they send their child off for a routine day of public schooling here in Florida. Alishia Montelongo went off to classes at Wolfson High School in the Duval County School District in ...

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06 Feb

Baker Act Is Harmful Not Helpful

The Baker Act is the name of the mental health law in Florida and it covers all aspects of mental health including involuntary examination and commitment.  This is the law that is initiated to send a person against their will ...

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