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15 May

Involuntary incarceration isn’t solution for personal, social ills

National tragedies like the student massacres in Columbine, Colorado; Blacksburg, Virginia; and Newtown, Connecticut tend to revive state and national debates and legislation on mental health reforms. This often heated political discussion involves the involuntary commitment for psychiatric evaluation and ...

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07 May

Putting Children on Antipsychotics Is Unconscionable

Antipsychotics are dangerous mind-altering psychiatric drugs that are usually prescribed for schizophrenia and bipolar.  They are increasingly being prescribed for disruptive behavior “disorders” in children.  These drugs have enough alarming potential side effects so that putting children on antipsychotics is ...

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30 Apr

Mental Disorder Test Must Include Physical Exam

Any mental disorder test should be accompanied by a physical exam. Since the psychiatric profession admits there is no mental disorder test to determine which of their many labeled mental diseases a person may have, it is important to look ...

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17 Apr

Psychiatric Drugs Made Colorado Shooter Violent

Last summer James Holmes opened fire in a Colorado movie theater and killed twelve people and wounded more than fifty others. Mainstream media didn’t give any logical motives and did not even ask the right kind of questions. Doesn’t anyone ...

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11 Apr

Can Anxiety Attack Symptoms Be Caused by Food Allergies?

Many doctors and nutritionists are finding that anxiety attack symptoms and some types of depression are the result of food allergies. Correct the diet and the person’s unwanted mental and emotional symptoms disappear. This research flies in the teeth of ...

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08 Apr

Psychiatry’s Push for Mental Illness Results in Disregard for Real Disease

The number of “mental disorders” has grown exponentially since they were first collectively published in the early fifties.  Since Prozac became famous more than thirty years ago, the number of people on psychotropic drugs has correspondingly multiplied as well.  One ...

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01 Apr

Benzodiazepines Can Cause Dementia and Other Serious Side Effects

Psychiatric drugs such as Xanax and Valium are pretty much on the same level of notoriety as Prozac and Zoloft.  However, Xanax and Valium are not antidepressants but are benzodiazepines.   Benzodiazepines have sedative and hypnotic effects.  They are widely prescribed ...

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18 Feb

Mental Health Meds DO Cause Suicide and Violence

School massacres have been happening for almost fifteen years now if one regards Columbine in 1999 as the first one of note.  Mass shootings and murder-suicides date back much earlier.  It certainly appears that massacres by young men have been ...

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15 Feb

New Video: Elderly and Antipsychotics

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04 Feb

More Mental Health Programs Mean More Mass Shootings

Since twenty school children and six adults were killed just before Christmas last year in a mass shooting in Newtown, CT, discussions of gun control and more access to mental health services are in the news daily.  There is talk ...

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