Mental Health

Psychotic Behavior Created Artificially

Our police officers are on the front line of any disturbance in the social fiber, including handling those who appear mentally ill. An unstable individual with a deadly weapon can ...

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Baker Acting of Children

CCHR Demands Investigation into Involuntary Psychiatric Examination of Children

The Florida chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a non-profit dedicated to the eradication of abuses committed under the guise of mental health, is once again demanding an investigation into ...

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Mental Health Fraud in Florida

Mental Health Legislation: Good-Hearted People Swayed by Vested Interests

What is at the heart of a new demand for mental health legislation in Florida? Obviously, Floridians love to help. Most all of us would stop and assist a lost ...

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Systematic Abuse in Florida UHS Facilities Brought To Light By Investigation

Are UHS Psychiatric Facilities in Florida Motivated by Profit? In a word, yes. Universal Health Services (UHS), is a corporation that owns over 200 psychiatric facilities in the USA and ...

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Police LIne Photo Credit

The Real Cause Behind School Shootings

While some have linked school shootings to “lack of mental health services” and hint that there would be fewer such incidents if people were under the watchful eye of mental ...

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Massive Fraud & Crime Exposed in America’s Largest Psychiatric Hospital Chain

“Lock them in. Bill their insurer. Kick them out. How scores of employees and patients say America’s largest psychiatric chain turns patients into profits.” [1] That is how Rosalind Adams, ...

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Seattle Mall Shooter was on Psychiatric Drugs

Five more people have lost their lives to an out of control man under the care of a psychiatrist. Arcan Cetin had been diagnosed with ADHD, depression and autism. Records ...

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Something Worse than Electroshock Therapy?

When psychiatric drugs and electroconvulsive therapy fail to relieve a patient’s depression, psychiatrists report he has “treatment-resistant depression”. This patient is then a prime candidate for any experimental lunacy that ...

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ECT: Documented Dangers

ECT is in the news again, with vested interests pushing this barbaric torture device as an actual “therapy” and attempting to broaden its use by sneaking it in through the ...

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Why Even the FDA Was Forced to Admit ECT Machines are High Risk

ECT Victims Speak Out Almost 6 years ago the FDA explored whether psychiatric electroshock machines should be considered to have the same risk to patients as powered wheelchairs and air ...

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