What do 8 brave mothers -have to say?

8 Brave mothers tell their story in the CCHR DVD “Dead Wrong”     Find out what they have to say and how you can help!  

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Abilify Side Effects Lead to Law Suits

Abilify side effects can lead to death or permanent disability.  In a video by Andy Behrman, former spokesman for Abilify and Bristol Myers Squibb he states,   “On Abilify I ...

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Psychiatric Drugs Do Cause Violence

A research article entitled, “Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence,” studied the instances of violence reported to the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System during the years 2004-2009.  An adverse ...

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Safe Approach to Mental Health Booklet

Educate Your Friends!

Please open this – this is a message for you!   CCHR Florida Opens its Doors to You!   How to educate your friends about the harms of psychiatric medications ...

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What’s the Real Deal with Mental Illness?

If you had to define mental illness, what would you say?  Or even more importantly, depending on your answer, what is the cause of it?  Not sure?  Where could one ...

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Want to help?-Simple and Easy-Take a Look

→ It’s simple and it’s easy to help at CCHR Florida! Take a look at what volunteers are needed Call (442-8820) or email (   -Work from home, on your computer:  You ...

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Psychiatrists Drugging Military Kids

When a military father or mother is deployed, their children may have a tough time adjusting and need some extra love and attention for a while. Are there actual ways to ...

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Are Seniors Safe?

When an elderly person needs more care and it is decided to put their loved one into a nursing home, the family doing so, is trusting the doctor and the ...

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Random acts of violence

When we read news of a young person commits an act of random violence. It is senseless, tragic and puzzling.   It is important to keep in mind that one of ...

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