CCHR Florida at Ocala Chamber of Commerce Event

CCHR Florida–Educating Others – In Ocala, Florida

CCHR Florida representatives help to educate others about the harms of psychiatric drugs and the existence of alternative treatments at the Ocala Chamber of Commerce event.     Attendees received ...

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2011 Lake Wales Vigil-In the name of Gabriel Myers and the Right to Informed Consent

The Candlelight Vigil in Lake Wales was Organized by CCHR Florida ally, Pastor John Donaldson and his wife, Cheryl Donaldson. Pastor Donaldson gave a moving speech about parents and children’s ...

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Suicide, Mental Health Counseling and Parental Consent

Could Hope Witsell’s suicide have been prevented? The mental health counseling she received without her parent’s knowledge is an example of the dangers inherent in leaving parents out of the ...

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The CCHR Florida Music-Video Contest

Get your video ready for the Sept. 1st Deadline and Upcoming Concert   Find out More about the Contest go to   September 1, 2011 – Music and Performance ...

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Pablo Picasso-About Children

Just a quick quote and a link to a pledge to help in preventing to stop psychiatric harm and abuse of children.     “…We should say to each of them; ...

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Fish Oil Omega Spoon

Can Fish Oil Fight Depression?

Consuming fish oil may fight depression. Current studies are encouraging, and began in earnest when scientists noted inhabitants of countries with high fish consumption had lower rates of depression.   ...

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Light a candle for Tyler–Help others get informed about the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs

Light a candle for Tyler Help others get educated about the harmful effects of psychiatric medication!     Many parents throughout the state and throughout the country are not fully ...

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Financial Ties to Drug Companies

A medical doctor should be a person who can be trusted to administer good care with the patient’s health and well-being as the primary concern. Is that necessarily the truth ...

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Stevie Nicks: The biggest mistake I ever made was going to see a psychiatrist

NewsWeek My Favorite Mistake: Stevie Nicks May 01, 2011   by Stevie Nicks   The biggest mistake I ever made was giving in to my friends and going to see ...

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Sex Offender Treatment? Sex with Patient

Highlands Today State: Take license from Sebring clinician By ROBERT BOYER | Highlands Today May 3, 2011 ARCADIA – The state of Florida wants to strip the professional credentials of a ...

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