TIME Magazine Slams Psychiatric Drugging of Children and Elderly

Drugging the Vulnerable: Atypical Antipsychotics in Children and the Elderly By Maia Szalavitz Thursday, May 26, 2011 | 59 Comments Pharmaceutical companies have recently paid out the largest legal settlements ...

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Antidepressant Drugs Scam Revealed

Are antidepressant drugs a scam? Gwen Olsen is a former representative for Big Pharma. She reveals the truth behind the pharmaceutical industry’s drug promotion in her new book Confessions of ...

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CCHR Florida Writing Contest

Please join in on all of the excitement!  Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida (CCHR Florida) is sponsoring a writing contest!  Anyone can submit an article.  This is your ...

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Walking for Mental and Physical Health

Simply taking a walk can be a powerful pill for mental, as well as physical health, say many authorities. When one considers the benefits, walking does make sense. After all, ...

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An Epidemic of Psychiatric Drugs Not Mental Illness

Just as the polio vaccine pretty much wiped out any further cases of the disease, you would think depression and other mental ailments would disappear when Prozac and other “wonder ...

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Juvenile Delinquency and Antipsychotic Drugging

Juvenile delinquency is a troubling phenomenon, made all the more challenging by the current trend to treat at risk kids with dangerous antipsychotic drugs. In an article by John Kelly written ...

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Help Children Succeed in School Event–Music and Games for the Entire Family

Help Children Succeed In School Event Saturday, June 4rth, 2011 11am-4pm Music, Games and Fun for the Entire Family Address of the Event: 305 North Fort Harrison Ave Clearwater, Florida ...

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Palm Beach Post Headline

State Hired Psychiatrists Paid by Drug Companies

Palm Beach Post Dosed in juvie jail: Drug firms pay state-hired doctors By Michael LaForgia Monday May 23, 2011 In Florida’s juvenile jails, psychiatrists entrusted with diagnosing and prescribing drugs for ...

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Florida Orders Sweeping Review of Psychiatry's "Big Guns"

“the head of Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice ordered a sweeping review of the department’s use of antipsychotic medications” Palm Beach Post Huge doses of potent antipsychotics flow into state ...

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Is Suicide Prevention Helpful or Harmful?

The idea of suicide prevention is a good thing as no one wants a fellow human being to take their life instead of getting the help they need. However, what ...

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