Disruptive Behavior Disorder and Psychiatric Drugs

Disruptive behavior disorder is often diagnosed when a child disrupts activities or otherwise acts out when being told “no.” Parents may feel helpless when this behavior becomes consistent, especially when ...

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Americans and Depression

New Video: Most people are unaware that the leading cause of Depression is an underlying thyroid problem.  The FDA places severe warnings on Antidepressants, including suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

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What is Mental Health? – A Look at Psychiatric Drugs, Guns and Mass Killers

An answer to what is mental health appeared on January 16th in President Obama’s proposals to reduce gun violence in the United States. It could strongly be argued it is ...

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Chemical Imbalance and ADHD Myths

There is a relationship between the chemical imbalance theory and ADHD myths. The drugs are not “correcting chemical imbalances.”  These are psychoactive drugs that cause an altered physical and mental ...

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Big Pharma Profits By Putting Your Health at Risk

Many years ago honest medical research was done for the purpose of creating drugs to cure diseases and other ailments that were wreaking havoc upon society.  Think about where we ...

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Know your rights as a patient!

New Video that demonstrates your rights in regards to the mental health screening!

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Psychiatric Meds and Criminality

A recent article published in “Smart KIDS Learning Disabilities”, claiming that ADHD medication reduces criminal behavior is, without a doubt, a scandalous conscious effort to advocate the taking of psychiatric ...

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Do Psychiatric Drugs Cause Behavior Problems?

There have been 22 International Drug Regulatory Agency Warnings saying that psychiatric drugs cause violence, mania, psychosis and even homicidal ideation. The conditions that can be brought about by taking ...

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Baker Acting of Children

Helping Children with Depression

Some feel the only way of helping children with depression is the prescribing of barely tested and dangerous drugs, many of which are not recommended for children in the first ...

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Mass Shootings Can Be Explained with Logical Answers

If you look at the timeline of when mass shootings and murder-suicides started on the upswing, it is at the same time as when the field of mental health introduced ...

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