Drug Testing

Involuntary Commitment – A Psychiatrist’s Dream – A Patient’s Nightmare

Congressman Tim Murphy is the chief sponsor of a bill in the House of Representatives numbered HR 3717 inappropriately titled “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act”. This horrific piece ...

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Florida Slides toward Legal Pot and Psychiatric Commitments

Florida medical marijuana just got a boost last week when the Florida House and Senate passed its own medical marijuana bill ahead of the November 2014 ballot initiative vote in ...

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GSK’s Epileptic Seizure Drug Potiga Won’t Cure Alcoholics

A Boston University School of Medicine researcher, Clifford Knapp, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry, got some press recently by claiming that Potiga, a GlaxoSmithKline drug used as an anti-convulsant to ...

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Alternative Treatments for PTSD are Safer

No one will argue that being in the military, especially during deployment is extremely stressful.  During times of war, soldiers see and do things that they just can’t forget.  Many ...

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History of Schizophrenia Shows Psychiatry is Not a Science

“Is Psychiatry Scientific? “A Letter to a 21st Century Psychiatry Resident” is the title of a lengthy article by Jose de Leon, MD from The University of Kentucky Mental Health ...

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Elder Abuse and Exploitation

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of elderly abuse cases in 2010 was almost 6 million, most of whom were women, with ...

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Unfortunately, as we get older, we begin to notice changes in our body and don’t have the same confidence as we did when we were younger.  So, sometimes we call ...

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Jails and Psychiatric Hospitals – Both Bad for Mentally Ill

Jails and Psychiatric Hospitals – Both Bad for Mentally Ill Practically every paper around the country is reporting the story that more mentally ill people are now found in jails ...

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Medical Marijuana – Bad News for Florida

Come the November election, Florida might drift down the hazy medical marijuana trail blazed by California, Washington, Colorado, the District of Columbia and 17 other states. The issue has been ...

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Sandy Hook Shooting Demands Thorough Investigation

It’s been about sixteen months since the tragic Sandy Hook shooting.  Following the unnecessary deaths of twenty children, aged six and seven years old, plus six adults, one would think ...

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