Psychiatry: A Belief System Destroying our Society

Psychiatry, it may be validly argued, is simply a belief system. In fact, many of their most treasured DSM disorders were voted on by conference participants. There is no proof ...

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Audra McDonald gets it Right- Thanks Parents for no ADD Meds

Audra McDonald, in accepting her Tony award for her performance in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill thanked her parents. This is not an uncommon thing for an award-winning ...

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Psychiatry Kidnapped Justina Pelletier

Justina Pelletier is a teenager who was taken away from her parents unnecessarily, forced into psychiatric care and spent nine months in a locked psychiatric ward.  This situation is a ...

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Xanax Side Effects Lead to Horrific Tragedy

Mass shooter Elliot Rodger was, according to his parents, taking anti-anxiety drug Xanax in the days that led up to his bloody rampage and suicide in Isla Vista California on ...

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Gun Violence and Psychiatric Medication

How often, despite the concern of many, are psychiatric medication and gun violence linked, especially in the mass media? It is rare to find even a passing mention of this ...

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Psychiatric Drugs – Creating Crime and Profit in Prisons

Prisons have become one of the main distribution points for psychiatrists peddling psychotropic drugs and for drug companies happy to supply all these medicines to a growing population of criminals. ...

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Mental Illness Test Inherently Flawed

The psychiatrist’s test for mental illness is ever more inclusive. Normal behavior such as grieving for a deceased loved one, temper tantrums, and even hoarding disorder (“persistent difficulty discarding or ...

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Drug Testing

Involuntary Commitment – A Psychiatrist’s Dream – A Patient’s Nightmare

Congressman Tim Murphy is the chief sponsor of a bill in the House of Representatives numbered HR 3717 inappropriately titled “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act”. This horrific piece ...

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Florida Slides toward Legal Pot and Psychiatric Commitments

Florida medical marijuana just got a boost last week when the Florida House and Senate passed its own medical marijuana bill ahead of the November 2014 ballot initiative vote in ...

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GSK’s Epileptic Seizure Drug Potiga Won’t Cure Alcoholics

A Boston University School of Medicine researcher, Clifford Knapp, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry, got some press recently by claiming that Potiga, a GlaxoSmithKline drug used as an anti-convulsant to ...

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