Is Nutritious Food an Alternative to Psychiatric Drugs?

Some psychiatrists are now discovering that nutrition might be able to handle symptoms that have been labeled as mental health disorders and that nutrition works better than psychiatric drugs. An ...

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Poison Pill Bottle

Psychiatric Death and Injury Toll Increases

In May of 2015, The British Medical Journal published an article by Professor Peter C Gøtzsche of Nordic Cochrane Centre, Rigshospitalet, Denmark, who asserts “We could stop almost all psychotropic ...

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Terrorists on Psych Drugs: Mass Shooters on a Grand Scale

What do many terrorists and school shooters in the US have in common? Apparently, both terrorists and school shooters are taking psychiatric drugs. When French Special Forces officers raided the ...

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Psychiatrists Still Love Their Electroconvulsive Therapy

At the most recent annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association two leading practitioners and promoters of electroconvulsive therapy (the modern name for applying electric shocks to a person’s brain ...

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Female Viagra – More Drug Danger in Sheep’s Clothing

Flibanserin, touted as the “female Viagra” is, in actuality, another failed anti-depressant. Echoing a familiar refrain, researchers insist this drug “restores chemical imbalances in the brain.” Medical News Today reported: ...

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The Baker Act and Your Rights as Parents

The Baker Act (Translation) John Eddy Sarmiento, Reporter: Since 1971 in the State of Florida there is a law that considers the possibility that any person could be mentally ill. ...

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Involuntary Commitment

Mental health worker gave patient Ecstasy in exchange for sex, police say

Wayne K. Roustan – Sun Sentinel Nov 2, 2015 A mental health worker at a state psychiatric facility in Pembroke Pines is accused of plying a recovering drug addict with ...

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Old Phone

Diagnosing Depression by Phone?

What will those psychologists and psychiatrists dream up next? According to a study done at Northwestern University, their latest is a “procedure” to diagnose patients for depression by looking at ...

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Mental Institutions: Still Hellish in 2015

When 5 mental health institutions in California were investigated recently, a scathing 900 page report resulted. This voluminous release exposed sexual, physical, mental and emotional damage to patients. In short, ...

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Is the Oregon Massacre Psychiatry’s Fault?

Innocent lives have been lost to yet another madman with a gun, this time at a community college in Oregon. As rational people, we know there has to be a ...

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