Foster Children

Foster Kids Abused with Psychiatric Drugs

Foster children are extremely vulnerable. Many have been uprooted continuously with no permanent place to call home. With personal belongings transported inside an empty trash bag, they have little, if ...

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Psychologists Committing Fraud

Psychologists Committing Fraud: A Profession under Scrutiny

Psychologists seem particularly prone to “massaging” data to produce a favorable (to their own pet theory) outcome. One well-known fraudster is Dirk Smeesters, a social psychologist who worked at Erasmus ...

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Crazy Brain Medicine

Psychiatry’s Descent to Absurdity

Psychiatry is performing a balancing act with blinders on. With every new addition of the DSM, their absurdist theories on mental disorders steer them toward a resounding crash. Joachim Hagopian, ...

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Poison Pill Bottle

APA Admits Psychotropic Drugs are Poisons

The American Psychiatric Association online newspaper, “Psychiatric News” proudly reported on April 16th, 2015 that “Psychotropics Lead List for Youth-Related Drug Poisoning Calls.” And indeed they do top the list. ...

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Drugged Child

Warning: Your Pediatrician is now Encouraged to Look for Mental Health Disorders in Your Child

Mental health disorders in a child are being diagnosed with more frequency than ever. The American Academy of Pediatrics states “Developmental screening is a regular part of comprehensive pediatric care, ...

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Psychosurgery Today – Lobotomy Dead but not Buried

Lobotomy, the brutal amputation and mangling of brain tissue, still has a place in modern psychiatry. The rampant public outcry against this practice as typified by Dr. Walter Freeman in ...

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No Signal

Facebook Envy Depression and Nomophobia Heading to DSM V

Nomophobia and Facebook Envy Depression are a couple of relatively new conditions dreamed up or “discovered” by psychologists and social scientists. Psychiatrists are eager to validate these newcomers and perhaps ...

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Police LIne Photo Credit

More Shady Behavior Found In the World of Psychiatric Drugs

“The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry” just published an article in which a host of MD’s and PhD’s explored the idea that many individuals who use antidepressants have no current or ...

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Creative Process Photo Credit: South Florida Business Journal

Does Ritalin Stifle Creativity?

Looking at a Questionable Treatment in a New Light Some astute researchers hypothesize youngsters’ creativity is being extinguished by Ritalin. Jeffrey Zaslow, reporter for The Wall Street Journal asks “whether ...

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Does Psychiatry Offer Cures?

When it comes to curing anyone of a mental disorder, psychiatrists and psychologists are shameless in admitting failure. Eminent psychologist Tyrone D. Cannon, Ph.D and professor of psychology at Yale ...

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