15 Mar

Baker Acting 7 year-olds

Florida’s mental health law, the Baker Act, gives law enforcement the right to detain someone, restrain them in a police vehicle using force as needed and take them to a designated psychiatric facility. An individual can be detained against their ...

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14 Mar

Brain Damage Caused By ECT

Electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, “works” by creating an intense seizure or convulsion in the patient. This assault on the brain causes a temporary coma and flat-lining of brain waves, which is a sign of impending brain death. After several (or ...

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06 Mar

The Baker Acting of Children – A Florida Tragedy

What’s it really like for a kid in Florida when he or she gets Baker Acted? How about their parents? These stories are hard to imagine but they actually occur. A little girl named Lee, age 8, began to show ...

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06 Mar

Psychologists Exposed as Key Players in U.S. Torture Programs

The American Psychological Association states that “Our mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives.” How embarrassing to discover that some former APA presidents and other top psychologists were ...

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