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Paxil has been in the news for over a decade.    Along with thousands of lawsuits that have been filed on the makers of this drug (Glaxo KlineSmith) since it was first manufactured in 1992, are the numerous murders/suicides that have been reported in the news.

Per the FDA, suicide risk, mania, seizures, homicidal ideation, self-injurious behavior, aggression and hostilitiy are some of the adverse effects of children and adults taking Paxil.

Withdrawal effects include agitation, anxiety, dizziness, nausea and more.

 On May 24rth, 2010, Pharmalot reported that "GlaxoSmithKline is now conducting a pediatric study in Japan over an eight-week period in 130 children and adolescents age seven to 17."

This is a horrendous example of abusive practices by the industry.

A National Briefing | Science And Health: Warning On Paxil, published: December 1, 2006 stated, "Women who are pregnant, or plan to be, should avoid taking Paxil because of a risk of birth defects, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has warned." 

This paralleled the FDA and Glaxosmithkline's warnings almost a year prior, about an increased risk of birth defects in babies born to mothers taking Paxil.

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