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ECT - Electroshock Treatment

Why Should Electroshock Treatment (Ect) Be Banned?

Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) has been proven by medical studies to damage brain tissue. One cannot get better by damaging a vital organ such as the brain. If one is to recover from a mental illness, it must be done with a person’s ability to think and discover for themselves the elements in one’s life that is causing them to act or behave incorrectly. Medical studies have proven that underlying physical illnesses can precipitate mental disorders and by eliminating the deficiencies of nutrition, vitamins, sleep deprivations, and overall physical health a person can recover their full mental and emotional capacities. But, if one has their brain tissue destroyed by electricity or by thought-paralyzing drugs, one cannot really recover fully. They can only live partial lives in states of apathy toward life. They become, by case studies and personal testimony of ECT victims, devoid of the zest for life, sometimes depressed, feeling disconnected from themselves and others.

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