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23 May

Florida Orders Sweeping Review of Psychiatry's "Big Guns"

“the head of Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice ordered a sweeping review of the department’s use of antipsychotic medications” Palm Beach Post Huge doses of potent antipsychotics flow into state jails for troubled kids By Michael LaForgia May 21, 2011 Florida has ...

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21 May

Stay Tuned: Pharma Funded Florida Psychiatrists Turning kids into "Zombies"

Palm Beach Post Post investigation: Anti-psychotics in juvie jails Saturday, May 21, 2011 For some girls in custody at a state camp in Okeechobee, medications made the bookends of the day: Risperdal and trazadone and pills whose names were so long and complicated ...

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26 Apr

Risperdal Drugging of Children Enforced by Law

It seems unbelievable that the state could enforce dangerous Risperdal drugging of children, but this is exactly what happened recently in Detroit.   Earlier this month Child Protective Services, accompanied by a swat team equipped with tanks and automatic rifles ...

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Old Couple
28 Mar

Chemical Restraints to Control the Elderly in Nursing Homes

A recent article from The American Lawyer Academy discusses the continued unethical and dangerous use of psychotropic drugs on seniors.  Rather than providing seniors with the care and compassion one would expect, such “care” often takes the form of strong ...

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02 Feb

Thorazine: Chemical Lobotomy?

What are some of the major Thorazine side effects?   Dubbed by some, a chemical lobotomy, from its inception-the main purpose of the psychiatric drug Thorazine has been to keep mental patients quiet and manageable.   In 1952, French psychiatrists, ...

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25 Jan

Abilify Side Effects Lead to Law Suits

Abilify side effects can lead to death or permanent disability.  In a video by Andy Behrman, former spokesman for Abilify and Bristol Myers Squibb he states,   “On Abilify I started to experience one by one, all the side effects ...

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12 Jan

Psychiatrists Drugging Military Kids

When a military father or mother is deployed, their children may have a tough time adjusting and need some extra love and attention for a while. Are there actual ways to help these children when their parents are busy defending our ...

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28 Oct

Marketing Over Safety

Did you know that drug companies make 14.6 BILLION dollars annually on just antipsychotics alone?  That’s more than any other class of drug.  It didn’t used to be that way.  Antipsychotics used to be prescribed only for the severely “mentally ...

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