Environmental Causes of Autism

In the past twenty years or so, the rate of autism has gone up dramatically. The psychiatric community has even come up with the name Autism Spectrum Disorder because the symptoms vary widely and in degree of severity. Psychiatry points to the cause as being genetic because they have no other answer. It is worth taking a closer look at what is
affecting those genes.

Recently, fish were exposed to two antidepressants, one being Prozac. It was found that the offspring of those fish mimicked autism disorders. That means that even such low levels of these drugs in the water changed the genetic pathways of its offspring. One could
conclude that a type of genetic mutation took place as a result of the contaminated water.

This raises a great concern for pregnant mothers drinking tap water. In addition, there could be traces of other drugs and unknown toxins in tap water which most likely wouldn’t be favorable to good health either. It also raises the question, what about
moms-to-be that are taking antidepressants as medication? You can be sure
whatever she is ingesting is also going to her baby as well since they are
sharing the same bloodstream.

There are other possible causes of autism such as processed foods, MSG, other toxins in the environment and probably other drugs not yet linked to this condition. The point is that autism is not a psychiatric disorder. It is a definite condition, but it does not
warrant mind-altering psychiatric drugs which are also toxic and have
potential life-threatening side effects.

It is convenient for psychiatrists to say that the cause of autism is unknown or inconclusive or just genetic. It is convenient to say that there is no huge increase in autism, just better
screening and detection. Both statements line their pockets while they try to
keep us all in mystery. However, it is not morally right to diagnose a child with
some “mental disorder” based on symptoms that are more likely the result of the
environment. It is criminal that a psychiatrist can diagnose based on his
opinion instead of science. Now that is convenient.

Until the truth about autism is fully disclosed, it would be wise to do your homework concerning anything that could have an effect on the mother or newborn child such as toxins, tap water, vaccines and the like. No child deserves to have autism, so it would be
advisable to educate yourself in every way so you can do everything you can to
prevent it.




About CCHR Florida

About CCHR Florida What is CCHR Florida? The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida (CCHR) helps parents understand their parental rights; childrens’ rights; the facts regarding psychiatric medications, such as prozac, ritalin, adderall, et cetera; helps all individuals to understand that they have the right to informed consent and the right to alternative treatment. CCHR Florida is a non-profit public benefit organization that investigates and exposes psychiatric violations of human rights. It works shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded groups and individuals who share a common purpose to clean up the field of mental health. CCHR Florida shall continue to do this work until abusive and coercive practices committed under the guise of mental health are eradicated and human rights and dignity are returned to all. While CCHR Florida does not provide medical or legal advice, it does work closely with attorneys and medical doctors and supports medical, but not psychiatric, practices. Mental Health No one denies that people can have difficult problems in their lives and that at times can feel mentally unstable. Mental health care is therefore both valid and necessary. However, the emphasis must be on workable mental healing methods that improve and strengthen individuals and thereby society, by restoring people to personal strength, ability, competence, confidence, stability, responsibility and spiritual well-being. CCHR Florida refers those who call in on our hotline to alternative health care doctors who will help them to handle their medical situation, without the use of psychiatric drugs.
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