Something Worse than Electroshock Therapy?

When psychiatric drugs and electroconvulsive therapy fail to relieve a patient’s depression, psychiatrists report he has “treatment-resistant depression”. This patient is then a prime candidate for any experimental lunacy that ...

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ECT: Documented Dangers

ECT is in the news again, with vested interests pushing this barbaric torture device as an actual “therapy” and attempting to broaden its use by sneaking it in through the ...

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Why Even the FDA Was Forced to Admit ECT Machines are High Risk

ECT Victims Speak Out Almost 6 years ago the FDA explored whether psychiatric electroshock machines should be considered to have the same risk to patients as powered wheelchairs and air ...

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ECT Machine

21st Century Cures Act – Hidden Dangers

The 21st Century Cures Act has a decent purpose to help those with life-threatening diseases by giving them previously unavailable treatment. For example, if someone has late stage cancer he ...

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Mental Health Fraud in Florida

Chilling Federal Mental Health Proposal

The “Comprehensive Agenda on Mental Health” [1] calls for a massive expansion by the federal government for the funding and development of more psychiatric mental health treatment for Americans. The ...

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14-Year Old Child Commits Suicide While On Prozac

Jake Lynch, a healthy 14 year old British child was diagnosed with anxiety and put on Prozac in 2013. Just a few weeks later he committed suicide. His parents, Stephanie ...

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Baker Act

Tweaking Crime Rate Numbers Through Baker Act Abuse?

We cringe when the crime rates soar in our city and rejoice when it plummets. Published statistics help us monitor what is going on in our neighborhoods, giving us a ...

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Big Pharma Hides Antidepressant Trial Suicides

Whether teen suicide and anti-depressant drugs are related has been presented as a “controversial subject” by the psychiatric industry. But earlier this year the Telegraph of London squashed psychiatry’s apparent ...

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New Study: Exercise Can Cure Depression & ADHD In Children

Dr. Gregory Ramey is a pediatric psychologist and the executive director for the Center for Pediatric Mental Health Resources at The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Ramey is ...

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Psychiatrists Complain They Get No Respect – Stats Prove It!

Echoing 1970s comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s iconic one-liner, psychiatrists are complaining that they “get no respect”. 1 Why would this be? Really, it’s no mystery. By their own admission psychiatry attracts ...

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