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Baker Act

Tweaking Crime Rate Numbers Through Baker Act Abuse?

We cringe when the crime rates soar in our city and rejoice when it plummets. Published statistics help us monitor what is going on in our neighborhoods, giving us a ...

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Big Pharma Hides Antidepressant Trial Suicides

Whether teen suicide and anti-depressant drugs are related has been presented as a “controversial subject” by the psychiatric industry. But earlier this year the Telegraph of London squashed psychiatry’s apparent ...

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New Study: Exercise Can Cure Depression & ADHD In Children

Dr. Gregory Ramey is a pediatric psychologist and the executive director for the Center for Pediatric Mental Health Resources at The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Ramey is ...

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Psychiatrists Complain They Get No Respect – Stats Prove It!

Echoing 1970s comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s iconic one-liner, psychiatrists are complaining that they “get no respect”. 1 Why would this be? Really, it’s no mystery. By their own admission psychiatry attracts ...

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Raining Drugs

The Link Between Teen Suicide and Psychiatric Drugs

Suicide is the leading cause of death for children age 15 to 24, and studies cite 90% of these teens had some type of “mental health disorder,” with the majority ...

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Baton Rouge Cop Killer on Psychiatric Drugs

Was Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Long protesting police brutality by murdering three policemen, or was it yet another result of psychiatric drug side effects? This young veteran told his ...

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Teen Suicide: Psychiatric Drug Crime

Family and friends were devastated earlier this year when teenager Ritu Sachdeva committed suicide by taking a medication overdose. The tragedy was compounded when within hours her friend Hillary Kate ...

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3 Terrorists On Psychiatric Treatment = 94 Dead In 10 Days

  In the span of 10 days three horrific terror incidents were carried out in Europe by killers who had previously received psychiatric treatment. 84 Dead in Nice, France On ...

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7 Year-old Gets Involuntarily Committed for School Tantrum

Unbelievable as it sounds, grade school kids in Florida are being involuntarily committed straight from school into psychiatric facilities under the Baker Act. In this case from 2009, a 7-year ...

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Stop Suicide

CCHR Demands Investigation into Link between Antidepressants and Teen Suicides

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a non-profit mental health watchdog organization dedicated to the eradication of abuses committed under the guise of mental health, is demanding an investigation ...

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