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Senior Airman Anthony Mena

Medicating the Military Backfires

Recent military deaths are not all the result of what one would expect – violent combat – but, in an increasing number of cases, from medications being prescribed to “help” ...

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Dr. John Breeding- Speaks about the FDA Hearing on the ECT Device

Dr. John Breeding speaks about the FDA hearing on the ECT Device   A Final Tribute and Final Word   My work is challenging psychiatric oppression. One source of my ...

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CCHR Florida- Current Project To Prevent Child Suicide

If there is one thing that I believe we can all agree on, it’s that children committing suicide due to psychotropic medication is unacceptable and must stop.   CCHR Florida ...

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FDA panel advises more testing of 'shock-therapy' devices

FDA panel advises more testing of ‘shock-therapy’ devices   By David Brown Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, January 28, 2011; 10:10 PM   An expert panel advising the Food and ...

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Feds make more arrests in major Medicare fraud case

A widening federal investigation into a Miami-based company accused of Medicare fraud netted the arrest of several doctors along with more than a dozen other defendants.   BY JAY WEAVER ...

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Review of Psych Drugs on Foster Children will Save Millions of Dollars

“House Bill 23 hits a rare political sweet spot. The proposal to create an independent clinic review of the drugs foster children are given has support from Democrats and Republicans ...

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Paxil Side Effects: From Birth Defects to Suicide

In December of 2005, The FDA issued a warning about Paxil causing birth defects in infants whose mothers took this drug during the first trimester of pregnancy.   The above ...

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Safe Approach to Mental Health Care Booklet

Learn how to educate your friends about psychiatric harm

CCHR Florida Opens its Doors to You!   A Safe Approach to Mental Health Care booklet has been used with thousands of individuals to educate them about the facts on psychiatry and ...

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The Truth About Antidepressants

There is plenty of marketing today to make you think that if you are depressed you should consult your doctor and see if an antidepressant such as Prozac, Pristiq, Paxil ...

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Prozac's Dangerous Side Effects

Our Worst Dreams Coming True The commonly prescribed anti-depressant Prozac has been linked to violence in its users. A recent trend of bizarre school massacres, child murders/suicides by mothers, and ...

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