CCHR Florida 2011 Music-Video Contest and Concert-Video-Highlights of the Concert

CCHR Florida 2011 Music-Video Contest and Concert! Video-Highlights of the Concert:  Winners of the 2011 CCHR Florida Music-Video Contest 1st Place Winner: Neal Fox 2cnd Place Winner: Nicky Baker  ...

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Action Alert and News Update on the psychotropic drugging of Foster Care children

 In a letter to State Officials (across the U.S), written by three different divisions of Health and Human Services, it states:  “Children in foster care represent only three percent of ...

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Mood Changes and the Thyroid Gland

Could your mood changes, anxiety and depression be related to the function of your thyroid gland? Doctors have found that abnormal levels of thyroid hormone can depress mood and affect memory. Mood changes could ...

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Safeguard Florida's vulnerable children!

There is more work to be done to safeguard Florida’s vulnerable children!

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Questioning the Quality of Psychiatric Treatment of Depression

The use of psychiatric drugs for treating depression recently came under scrutiny, when results of past drug trials were found to be misinterpreted and not fully disclosed to the public. ...

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Mental Health Services, Alzheimer’s Disease and Blue-Green Algae

  Mental health services treat Alzheimer’s Disease with antidepressants, but a recent study shows that depression is eased just as effectively with a sugar pill. The use of Zoloft and ...

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Psychiatric Meds behind school shootings?

Antidepressants have been known to cause violent and suicidal thoughts, There have been countless school shootings in the past ten years that ended up to be massacres. In ninety percent ...

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Florida Sanctions Top Medicaid Prescribers – But Only After A Shove

In an email message, Grassley said states need to use their own records to search for trouble. “High numbers of prescriptions can indicate a busy medical practice with complicated patient ...

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Mental Health Counselor Voluntarily Relinquishes License

The Scales of Justice –In Favor of Human Rights William Hayes, Florida Mental health counselor Voluntarily Relinquished his license to avoid further administrative action.  This was done with the understanding ...

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