Psychiatric Drugs Behind Teen Tragedy

There is no argument that Michelle Carter urged her 18 year old boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide. But some are asking if psychiatric drugs were responsible for her ...

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New Florida Law Makes Giant Leap Forward To Secure Rights Of Children

CLEARWATER, FL. June 27, 2017 – Acting as a strong voice working to protect children from unnecessary involuntary psychiatric examinations, commonly referred to as a Baker Act, CCHR applauds Florida ...

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Ketamine: Club Drug And Rapist Tool Now Psychiatric Drug For Depression

Ketamine, a drug that distorts perceptions wildly, is currently being considered by the psychiatric community as an optional treatment for depression.[1] Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved ...

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Mental Health Funding In Florida: Why Floridians Should Not Support the Fraud

Lately Floridians have been subject to accusations of “Florida does not support mental health,” “Florida is 50th in the nation in mental health funding,” and “Florida does not care for ...

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Psychiatric Drugs Replaced by a Walk in the Woods?

The American Psychiatric Association recently approached the subject in an article called “Healing the Mind With Nature: Another Tool for Psychiatry” published in their May 3rd 2017 online edition of ...

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Another Creative Artist Killed by Psychoactive Drugs: Chris Cornell’s Wife Blames Suicide On Antianxiety Medication Ativan (Lorazepam)

Initial evidence points to the anti-anxiety medicine Ativan as the cause for Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell’s untimely death. Chris was found dead Thursday morning following his concert in Detroit the ...

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ECT: Psychiatric Abuse of Elderly Patients

Why do psychiatrists increasingly treat the elderly with electro convulsive therapy (ECT)? One of the greatest fears of those approaching old age is memory loss. The fading or complete disappearance ...

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Funding the Fraud

Psychiatry: Stop Funding the Fraud

The primary product of psychiatry seems to be an increase in the number of normal behaviors categorized as mental illnesses, which has skyrocketed sales for drug companies. Even mental health ...

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Crocodile Tears: Florida Mental Health Begs More University Funds

In a bid to gain more taxpayer money, University System of Florida members are recommending an expansion of their mental health programs on campus. Dr. Andy King, counseling center director ...

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Esteban Santiago

Florida Airport Shooter: Another Example of Psychiatric Drug Induced Violence?

  Esteban Santiago checked in a single bag holding a handgun when he made the trip from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale in January 2017. Upon arrival, he recovered the gun ...

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