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Military Suicide Still Ignored by the VA

A recent field hearing by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held in Roswell, NM introduced a new plan to help the VA provide medical help to veterans in rural ...

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Mental Illness in Prison Population

The ranks of those incarcerated in state prisons have increased in unprecedented numbers over the past 10 years. Not surprisingly, courts demand that mental health screening and “treatment” (most often ...

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Antidepressants and Homicidal Behavior

Antidepressants have been proven in court to cause homicidal behavior in some patients. In 2001, a federal jury in Cheyenne, Wyoming ordered SmithKline Beecham to pay 6.4 million dollars to ...

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(Heather Lascano, CEO, Neuro Touch Inc.) The afternoon was rather warm, almost uncomfortably so.  The parking lot was just starting to clear following the bus and parent carpool line activity. ...

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Why Expand Psychiatry with Involuntary Commitment?

Each time a citizen goes on an unpredicted shooting spree we hear pleas for more involuntary commitment laws and programs. Psychiatry has been playing a fiddle tune entitled “If he’d ...

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Mom A got calls weekly and then daily as a result of extreme behavior from her daughter in school. Tantrums. Refusals to join in on the group work. Failure to ...

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Psychotropic Drugs – Lobotomies In a Pill

Since the introduction of Thorazine in 1954 psychiatry and drug companies have rolled out a never ending stream of psychotropic drugs to replace the dramatic surgical procedures known as lobotomies. ...

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Psychiatry: A Belief System Destroying our Society

Psychiatry, it may be validly argued, is simply a belief system. In fact, many of their most treasured DSM disorders were voted on by conference participants. There is no proof ...

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Audra McDonald gets it Right- Thanks Parents for no ADD Meds

Audra McDonald, in accepting her Tony award for her performance in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill thanked her parents. This is not an uncommon thing for an award-winning ...

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