Depression Screening for Pregnant Moms- What does this Mean?

Depression screening for pregnant moms has become almost commonplace. Central Hillsborough Healthy Start (CHHS) in Florida has a purported mission to save babies. They quote “Sixteen of every 1,000 babies ...

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Why Mental Health Care Stigma Exists

Some psychiatrists and mental health workers complain that the very subject of mental health, as well as mental health patients themselves, have a social stigma to overcome. The mental health ...

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Buyer Beware – Unethical Mental Health Practices are Everywhere

On its About Us page, the Psych Central website states it’s “the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network” and that “We are today’s modern voice for mental ...

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Robin Williams – Another Artist's Suicide

Robin Williams, a greatly beloved American comedian, actor and filmmaker, committed suicide at his home in Tiburon, Ca. on August 11th. How does something as unexpected as this occur? In ...

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Was Robin Williams Tragedy About Depression or About an Industry?

The tragedy of Robin Williams’ suicide may have repercussions the mental health industry did not predict. If mass-shootings, where youth kill others, while on psychotropic drugs is not enough to ...

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The definition of ‘delay’ according to Merriam-Webster: (noun) a situation in which something happens later than it should. That seems clear. We move on and look at the definition of ...

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Military Suicide Still Ignored by the VA

A recent field hearing by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held in Roswell, NM introduced a new plan to help the VA provide medical help to veterans in rural ...

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Mental Illness in Prison Population

The ranks of those incarcerated in state prisons have increased in unprecedented numbers over the past 10 years. Not surprisingly, courts demand that mental health screening and “treatment” (most often ...

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Antidepressants and Homicidal Behavior

Antidepressants have been proven in court to cause homicidal behavior in some patients. In 2001, a federal jury in Cheyenne, Wyoming ordered SmithKline Beecham to pay 6.4 million dollars to ...

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