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ADHD Medications a Popular College High

Is it any surprise that drugs to treat supposed psychiatric disorders are now popularly abused? The very idea that misbehavior, restlessness or plain old boredom in school is a mental ...

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Mental Health Fraud in Florida

Baker Act Relies On Faulty DSM Diagnostic System

With new bills proposing some scary, expansive changes to the Baker Act here in Florida, it’s time for citizens and Florida State Legislators to take a good look at what ...

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The Danger of Psychiatric Diagnoses

Psychiatric diagnoses have entered the vernacular, giving an easy way to explain behavior. “I’m ADD” is one of the more popular, excusing everything from a person being confused because of ...

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Antidepressants and Violence: The Clear Connection

The idea that antidepressants cause violent behavior has been a concern for years. A study published late last year in Sweden found convincing evidence that this concern is warranted. The ...

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Mental Disorder or Physical Illness?

There can be grave danger in psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis. For instance, a person physically ill may exhibit a seeming mental disorder, yet be completely sane. If a qualified medical ...

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Abuse And Attacks In Florida’s Mental Hospitals

In June of 2014, twenty-seven year old Tuarus McNair, a mental patient at Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center, was punched repeatedly in the head by another patient during a fight. ...

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Risperdal: Another Psychiatric Drug Ruining Lives

Risperdal is one of the so-called second generation antipsychotic drugs, touted to be safer than the older anti-psychotics. Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical unit, it is approved for ...

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Infants Being Given Psychiatric Drugs On The Rise

Psychiatric drug prescriptions for infants age 2 and younger have been rising at an alarming rate. The New York Times recently reported statistics obtained from the prescription data company IMS ...

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Psychiatry: Diagnosis Without Testing

For some reason, the standards for mental health practitioners are different from every other field of medicine. For instance, if your throat hurt, your doctor would probably take a culture ...

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Is Nutritious Food an Alternative to Psychiatric Drugs?

Some psychiatrists are now discovering that nutrition might be able to handle symptoms that have been labeled as mental health disorders and that nutrition works better than psychiatric drugs. An ...

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